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COTC Associate Ministers  - [First published 1984 LightStreams a TE-TA-MA/COTC Publication] 

Each individual applying, witnessed and Ordained,  receiving Credentials as a COTC Associate Minister has on many levels elected to bring their individual effort and service to God into a higher frequency.  A frequency that is by organization and structure coupled with other of like mind,  amplifies the resultant good, what  they accomplish through individual effort and choice. 

Embracing an outer legal recognition accorded an Associate Minister, Professional License under man's law, is automatically coupled to an established multidimensional amplifier, the Office Of The Christ. Individual effort so linked, brings about greater results due to the unified physical, mental, emotional, spiritual synchronization of the parts. 

Consciously or unconsciously in choosing and being chosen, that is what was embraced in asking for and accepting the position and responsibilities as an Associate Minister. 

The requirement for holding this spiritual commission and legal status is mostly administered from the unseen realms. The spiritual refinement is automatically activated through soul evolvement. 

LifeStream Representative...... within COSMIC CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS there are individuals, spiritually commissioned and chosen (by choosing) to represent specific Lifestreams and Soul Groups; these ones act consciously through human free-will choice, their efforts bring about consciousness evolution; some, through prior agreement, have embodied, taking on patterns that have originated within tile "black cube" energies of the Fallen Hierarchies, so that these distortions of God's original Perfect Plan can be conscientiously turned around creating the space for a New Heaven to manifest on Earth; as imperfect patterns are released, the choice of these representatives opens avenues for greater soul recognition throughout this Planet, its systems, and the Whole of Human Consciousness is evolved. From COSMIC CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS, these representatives clearly understand that patterns embraced, unnecessarily, over and over again are traps of consciousness bondage. COTC, GRIDS Of Consciousness Unification ©1984. 

All Associate Ministers are representatives. Often, after embracing the position of Associate Minister, individuals go through dramatic and traumatic change in their life and living circumstances. Change is accelerated and amplified. Choices become forced and necessary. From the perspective of an individual this can seem like chaos. From Above The Weave of individual consciousness, from the perspective of being a representative sent into a given set of circumstances, consciously taking on the task to do your best, and when you do, knowing it counts for all those you represent, difficult circumstances take on a different meaning. Others will not have to overcome the same circumstances, your accomplishment brings automatic inheritance of benefit and soul advancement of others. Life becomes depersonalized even as you participate in the day to day living experience. The administration of the Spiritual Discipline, what you agreed to do, is all coming from within yourself, and from within the others with whom you interact on a day to day basis in accomplishing the greater unseen results of your effort when amplified within and through the Office Of The Christ. 

Within this plane and dimension COTC and TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation - Family Of URI, Inc.,  have taken on the mission and responsibility of synchronization to the unseen aspects of this organization with man's law, the current expressions of humanities institutions, monetary system, governments, etc.   TE-TA-MA/COTC, Ministerial Credentials, are necessary organization, structure, manifestation in this plane and dimension of connectivity administered by the Office Of The Christ, Heavenly Hierarchies, -   Cosmocracy.

Having embraced the Spiritual Commission, one pattern that breaks the amplification of the individual's effort is the neglect to make the necessary effort in this plane and dimension. As long as we are only linked in thought and word, the chain is broken. Action, deeds that progress from the thoughts, words, are required to hold the anchor in planet Earth. 

Jesus was a physical being. He entered through the womb route. He was Divinely Commissioned.  He as one, was able to represent and act for the Whole. He had to do it here on Earth, by experience, free-will choice, to make it count. The same Divine Laws apply to each Associate Minister. 

To remain viable, to have valid Credentials, to make your effort count to the maximum possible results in service, you must take action. 

God Bless you for your efforts. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing all the change that has manifest….. 

In Oneness of Service, 

Revs. Drs. Angela Magdalene URI & James Germain URI

Ministerial Unit

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