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COTC NEWS  -  3-19-2020  - STABILIZE -

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Spiritual PerspectiveGreater Picture and Plan - Within the accelerating spread of infection, there is a  "Wake-Up call to Human Consciousness" - individually and Collectively the Whole of Human Consciousness.

The narrative of this global pandemic feeds fear.  Fear triggers survival mode, impulses, instincts, faster than  thoughts, or emotions. 

Discernment becomes critical. Do we act upon fear, impulses and demands of our ego or the ego of others?     OR -  stop, listen to what is within us, discern the reality of  Divine Guidance, our specific path, next steps we are to take, custom designed for our life walk, coming from a direct connection, within every Child of God, emanating from Our Parent Creator Source.

Every human is being exposed to the amplified, propagated "Fear Virus."

Life is no longer what it was just a few months ago. Multiple and different plans to avoid the exposure to Coronavirus is changing everyone’s life. Institutions large and small, schools, work places, restaurants, travel, events, every configuration within our routines are being modified.  Even more for those who may actually have contacted, carry or are infected with Coronavirus  (any of a family Coronaviridae, of single-stranded RNA viruses) within their physical bodies.

Humanity is being shaken, in every aspect of expression.   We are being called to use our Spiritual Discernment, remain centered, choose carefully, where, when and with whom do I commingle, what really has value sufficient for me to participate?

Review required within every thought, word and action, front and center, as it should have been for a long, long time. It is all part of the accelerated unification of mankind.

Thankfully, the progress of an awakening consciousness cannot be denied. The faster consciousness wakes up, the more it speeds up the fabric of time. The faster the fabric of time speeds up, the less opportunity there is for fear to operate with any degree of influence over our awakening consciousness.

Coronavirus Defined, Broken Down:

Corona - a part of the body resembling or likened to a crown. (Crown – Head – Mind),

Virus - a piece of code which is capable of copying itself and typically has a detrimental effect, such as corrupting the system or destroying data. (Program Destroyer)

Reprogramming of the Mind

We live in duality, symbols below the weave and tapestry of Reality. So it is fascinating, subtle, that the pandemic of a Corona Virus broken down, defined is a program destroyer of the crown/mind.

FEAR  -  is being destroyed, reconfigured within human consciousness!

Coronavirus is a call from Above to STOP and TUNE INTO the HIGHEST POWER THAT THERE IS, Behold the Perfection of the Divine Plan  – Universal and Unconditional Love!

People in trouble or in fear of serious circumstances often turn to GOD, putting everything aside, as the “small stuff” becomes meaningless, we pray, TUNE IN, automatically, the most natural behavior that is programmed into our very DNA and that which we most desire, to connect with the Divine, with GOD, with ALL that is. NOW we are witnessing a spectacular global awakening!

Because we are ONE, there is NO separation, the Global focus of attention on the Coronavirus by the masses of Humanity has created a collective Cup of Consciousness through which the Light of God is flowing to accelerate the purging process of Fear at a root level occurring within human consciousness. We have the ability to direct and Infuse the Light of God flowing through our Collective Cup, to the Whole of the Consciousness of Humanity,

Remaining Centered in the Eye of the Storm, will “Stabilize” the Whole, as we experience the essential purification process, it can progress, in a gentler, less traumatic and painful way.

We must fill the void, as fear is being burned away, with Cosmic Christ Consciousness, Love, Light, Laughter and Peace.

We can anchor the vibration of gratitude, utilize the Practices and "Principles & Practices"  anchored, “Stabilize” for who we are and who we represent.

In Oneness of Service,

Revs. Drs. Angela Magdalene URI & James Germain URIMinisterial Unit

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