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"A vehicle to bring unification of Christ Expressions into One Collective Assemblage. Recognizing Planet Earth to be our Heavenly Parent's Church, each Christed Being is a complete Temple, a House of God, a living brick within Church Of The Creator.® "      

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July 14, 2020  - COTC News

TA-TA-MA’s 55th Anniversary
Ministerial Reports – Walk of Faith

Beloved Colleagues,

This is a momentous day. A day for well earned Tribute. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation-Family Of URI, Inc. – YEAR 55 of Service!

We have been working at the National Office digitizing written documents of the Foundation – TE-TA-MA and Church Of The Creator.® Within some hand scrolled notes by the Birthing Mother and Co-Founder, Rev. Dr. Grace Marama URI, notes, dated, November 14, 1976.  This notation was written, while on the road to "Gather The Twelve Sisters."  Father's/Mothers, Sisters/Brothers,  Daughters/Sons  from the past and those to step forward in the future,  About OUR work and service in coordination with the Orders of Michael and Melchizedek.

"Those diligent workers in the vineyard shall not be forgotten, those who for so many years have ploughed and furrowed, weeded and tilled, who have by their own individual concept dared to be different. Those who have not minded be classed as fools, knowing that with in their very Being, they must bring forth their Truth. Here I Behold all of these, those of the Halls of the Saints, the Martyrs, the Prophets and give thanks. This is so all, all who have held in their state of consciousness, the Heaven on Earth. Not always understanding, but because of their gifts giving others glimpses of the other planes and dimensions, the time of lifting up is so close, so close. It always amazes me, as I Behold the Kingdoms and the Glories there-of.

These are not forgotten, for the Space they have made and held as we move the closing of this cycle and move completely into the next.
I give thanks for all of Like-Mind and Blessings in Love and Light."

Grace Christna URI

Catok Mary 120

Activity Report for 2019-2020 June 22, 2020


Little did I know what God had in store for me. I had always been letting God know that I am his servant and to ‘blow me as he would’. Well, god was ready to take it to the next level. God put me, starting in the last 2 weeks of December 2018, on an incredible journey and walk of faith, trust and servitude. I had always been resourceful, responsible and independent and now God wanted me to become totally trusting and dependent upon Him. Arch Angel Michael was authorized to turn off my ability to multitask and process more than a singular thought at a time. I was essentially reduced to moving at a snail’s pace. As much as I tried, I could not move or think any faster. I was only able to concentrate on the task or thought at hand. It was incredibly unsettling and transitional. I was in unfamiliar territory, but I knew I was entirely in their hands.
Arch Angel Michael then turned off my income going into 2019. I am in a commissioned based job and all my efforts to produce income were in vain. This necessitated me working with my hands, manual labor, handy woman projects, etc., to earn a living. I rode my bicycle to get where I needed to go; I went to the food banks for my physical sustenance. My only focus at the time was what I needed to do to survive. All other thoughts were purged from me. With each step, each week, each month that came and went, Spirit was there providing for me. I was being shown that I could let go of my sense of responsibility and independence to become reliant and dependent on my Heavenly Family for ALL things!

Life slowed down physically, which enabled me to spend more time in thought, meditation and prayer, developing my personal relationship with God. I was being asked to call upon God for everything. Every decision I needed to make went through God. I consulted Him, sometimes directly, other times through Lord Michael, for all things. I humbled myself even further, beginning to understand that, ultimately, God decides all matters for us, understanding more than ever that I AM but God’s vessel, first and foremost, His instrument, and by His standards, I AM here and created for His purposes, for His will, for His Glory!

I began to see that, if we all who have pledged our allegiance to God, the Alpha and Omega, the Prince of Peace, the Great I AM, God will move us to where he needs us to be, to do what he needs us to do, for His glory, to accomplish what he wants done. Just like nature, if we function more innately to the Spirit within us, then all unfolds smoothly and for the highest and most divine right order!

Like the puppet that moves only when the puppet master commands it, we, in allowing God, the grand puppet master, to move us according to His way, His truth, then what unfolds raises all humanity higher, in consciousness and in servitude. So I must, now, make way for the Grand Master, God Himself, to move me in His ways according to His will. God needs us to move where and when he speaks to us especially with the rise of evil upon this earth.

This walk has been preparing me for these tumultuous times that are approaching. Evil will not hesitate to come after those that are in God’s favor. Evil, seeing that it cannot destroy God, will attempt to destroy that which God has made: us and the planet. When I can move, innately, without fear, without questioning or hesitation, then I will have become a pure vessel. For in the great tribulations to come, we will need more than ever to be that pure vessel where God can guide us through the fires and pitfalls that evil lays before us.

To further my education, I was asked to spend more time with the readings of the bible. I was asked to read the Book of Revelations so that I would know what the outcome of the battle of the principalities would be and stand confident as I moved further along on my journey. As I became more intimate with the various books of the bible, it gave me more strength to call upon, especially when counseling and guiding others, helping to lift the downward spirit and broken hearts. Helping anyone to realize the special child they truly are serves God greatly. We were asked and are being asked continually to be fishers of men and women.

I began to suspend and remove my will from my thoughts and consciousness. I came to and before God as a small child would before its earthly parents. I came trusting that no matter what God chose for me, I would come to no harm and I would be led righteously to others in need.

I worked at letting go of control over my life, my actions, my plans, and my thoughts. After all, we are, from infancy on up, trained and taught to become ‘responsible’, resourceful, independent in charting our course for the future – where we want to be, what college, what job, what spouse, what location and so forth. We are taught that ‘if it is meant to be, it is up to me’! This very training, reinforcement and thinking takes us away from God and His eternal protection and mercies. Our egos become the authority; we know what is best and right. As we unwittingly stray from God’s flock, we become more vulnerable to evil’s manipulations. Evil loves to manipulate us through the ego.

As god brought me to my ‘knees’, I began suspending my earthly consciousness for a spiritual consciousness of great depth. I gave myself, willingly, over to my Heavenly, and true, Father’s will. He took me and began showing me how to listen. As I quieted my mind from the distractions from the things I had to do; I could hear better. My walk, my actions, my labors all became an ongoing meditation and communion with Dear God Sir!

Lord Michael, my guardian angel since I was but an infant, gave me guidance. He supplied me with my daily sustenance, whether it be food for my belly, a job to bring monies in; whether it be revelations and understandings; whether it be comfort for a lonely or discouraged heart; and to allow to know the presence of God in my life at any given moment!

I began to rely on this guidance. Through this process and journey, I realized that relying on another was okay, that the support would be there at the right moment; that I was not alone, although physically I might be. And one of the greatest gifts I became aware of was that my attachment to things of this world had been severed! I could now walk away from all things tangible if that is what my Lord asked of me.

I also was led to see how minimal my actual physical needs were, and that they were always fulfilled, as Matthew 6:25 so aptly encourages us. To have knowledge of something is amplified and made a part of us when we experience it!

It was an eye opening moment when I saw how I needed not want for anything! God took away my many thoughts and allowed me only one thought – of Him and His Way!

I began seeing that God’s way flowed! Rough times may be present, but doors always were opened allowing me to enter and pass through. Similar to the parting of the red seas, being in the midst of evil or trouble, nothing harmed me. Once I trusted and walked through those opened doorways, I was shown the why’s I was there and who I was to minister to. Any fears that might have been hiding within my sub consciousness and molecular structure were being brought to the surface for healing and releasing. As I gave myself over to God’s hand He purified my energies which gave strength to my spirit.

Becoming of age spiritually takes faith, trust, time and work. Letting go and letting God is an elusive concept to grasp! Like Job, when we do so, God brings us a full table in front of all who seek our ruin! Many of us wonder why we were put here on earth. Many of us wonder what ‘great thing’ we will do. I have come to understand and know that the greatest thing we can do is the smallest one, and especially the thing where there is no one to extol how great a thing we have done. Our Father will always be the one to see what we do and that is all that matters.

It was (and still is) an incredible and empowering journey that has strengthened my Faith and most importantly I would say, my TRUST in our Heavenly Father and Family! I found that whatever the need, it was supplied. I always stressed over money and this walk showed me that He, as our Father, waits for us to call upon Him for our EVERY need! And once we do, He fulfills that request for he is our Parent and we are His Children! This has enabled me to focus solely on the things at hand without trepidation for the things I needed to survive!

My worry and stressing is non-existent now! He returned my income through my job this year, 2020, as needed and wants me to do “All things musical”! That is where I am today. This new level of understanding has given new energy to my work and ministry to others! My words to others are now founded on this experience and I can say the words with conviction and authority! It is wonderful when the knowingness becomes part of us! I am looking forward to pleasing my Lord and my God in the musical endeavors and opening my arms to whatever He brings my way and where-ever He sends me.

Because of God’s dictum “do all things musical”, I have been preparing for my next ministry/career: in music performance and composition. Our Heavenly Family has always used my musical talents for His purposes and they instructed me to begin my preparations for the next ministry: music. So since the fall of 2019, I have enrolled in the local college for music. I am now, in this summer of 2020, taking music composition and excelling nicely. This all took time for me to become oriented on the path and in my consciousness.

I have been working part-time, and even though I have not been an ‘active’ member in the church (COTC), I have been helping those that Spirit has entrusted to my care for their continued journey forward in spiritual and self-growth. The work that I do is in the emotional etheric layers using light, colors and ‘counseling’ to move their blockages to a point where they can be released, thus allowing growth. God is calling all those who wish to hear back to Him.

One such person, whose soul was 50% black and 50% white has finally shown movement toward the white. We have employed light work and musical meditations that I supplied and that were blessed by Spirit. I am happy to report that she is now approximately 70% white! She is feeling ‘lighter’ and has been prone less to negative energy expenditures: anxiety, worry, fear, especially fear of dying.

Another dear soul has been making progression in her recovery from sexual child abuse. In her progress, she is becoming more independent, participating in society more through volunteering and has re-established a relationship with her mother, whom, while not the abuser, was associated with the abuser and thereby the relationship suffered. This party is still functioning, emotionally, at the child level and I am working, with the Angelic Realm, to lead her to an understanding that she is safe now to let go of those hurts and embrace the adult and to becoming financially self-reliant. She is an outstanding blues guitarist and vocalist and has been working on a CD project containing standard gospels and her own originals. This project has been 3 years in the making and has been part of her therapy. We are working on bringing her consciousness to the present so that she may allow herself to experience and claim more feelings of joy, happiness and peace.

Another soul I have had the blessings of working with has now, after many years, begun opening to praying and meditating. This person has always reached out to me for my thoughts and directions. She now has purchased a bible and is now, very studiously, reading it as she is directed. This is a wonderful development. She had lost her childhood sweetheart (husband) of 30 years and had become very despondent. Working and taking care of her ailing parents were responsible in helping her not to give up! Here God is leading her back to Him to rely on Him for all things.

Another party that has benefited from my interaction with him is my younger brother. He had become involved, business-wise, with some so-called friends who are bleeding him financially dry. He and I had childhoods where we were beaten into submission, physically and especially mentally and emotionally and we were taught you do for others, without questioning, and not think of yourself! Working with Archangel Michael, AA Simon, AA Helena and AA Yariel, he is now hearing the angels directly and has been standing up for himself, which was very scary for him. He is seeing that the Angels and God are with him and that his efforts are productive and moving him towards his release and freedom from these relationships. He will be dealing with a divorce from his wife as they are not compatible and she is a major source of mental and emotional abuse. As he recognizes the source of the abuse, the man that ‘sired’ us, he can see the abuse that these people and wife are putting him through.

Another dear soul I have been working with over the course of 9 years was very blocked emotionally. He was locked down tight within himself and he was a people pleaser and very co-dependent. His generosity was such that he did for you so that you would like him and love him. Again, I had been using colors and light work to help melt the rock fortress he had encased himself in and he is now acknowledging the work he needs to do to bring his self into a state of balance. He has embraced this next part of his journey with an open heart and I see a wonderful shift in him!

Just recently, this month, I had been called in to help adult daughters whose father had suffered a stroke. It turned out that the father’s sister, who extorted a POA from the father, is very evil and set to sell the house and assets of the father out from under the daughters whom had been living with the father. AA Simon told me that this is their walk to stand tall and strong against evil (the father’s sister) and lean on God. I have been supplying guidance, emotional support and sowing seeds of confidence and trust in our Lord to help and protect them through this! I have seen much growth from the daughters in the short time I have been involved. Their parents, both deceased now, the mother died 2 years ago and the father just died this past Friday, June 19, 2020. They both have children, so there is added work to be done where the children are concerned. This story is ending on an upbeat note, as the father’s attorney has supported the daughters in the knowledge that they have nothing to fear from the father’s sister and can be at peace. I will be continuing my support and counsel of these beautiful and loving children!
It has been a powerful walk these last two years, one that I am eternally grateful for. I look eagerly towards what is yet to come and to those I will have the blessing to walk with!

Rev. Mary Catok, A.M., St. Petersburg, Florida


Hale Sharlene Jean 120

June 30, 2020

Dear COTC,

It has been 1 and ½ years since I wrote my last report, in 2018. In late March 2019, I was hospitalized with IRB and Colitis and spent a week in the hospital, then. I lost over 10 pounds, was 120, now am 110; and I am trying to keep the weight on. So, this journey has been long and arduous. I am stabilizing much more, with occasional tummy issues; I have taken over my own healing, now. The second chakra is the emotional seat of the body as well as creative/sexual seat. I have been healing these issues, as well as others, so that my tummy can heal completely.

This had destabilized me for over a year, so I was not even able to drive or go out much. I am doing better, now. I have become a vegetarian, since meat does not digest anymore. So, I am learning what I can and cannot eat. I have started exercising many times but had to quit, due to my tummy. Yet I have begun to exercise again, slowly. Taking care of my healing has been a priority for over a year.

I am changing my priorities as I heal, somethings are less important, as other things are becoming more important to me. Along with almost everyone else on this planet, I am going through Ascension. I spend more time in prayer and meditation than I did. I have lost almost all of my family, due to life’s tragedy’s. I do have a few good friends, though.

I have realized that my ministry is a large part of my life’s calling; although it maybe specialized to what I can do. I am a member of several spiritual groups on social media, and as they request prayer, when I am on the computer, I am praying for them. I always have a smile for people, even if they don’t return it. I am a prayer chaplain at my hometown church, Unity Community of Dunedin, Florida. I am discovering how I can extend my ministry and help others more; I am working on manifesting abundance. This has been a stumbling block for me, so that is my main goal now. Abundance is all around me, I live in a sea of Abundance!!! I am very blessed; God has literally saved my life many times. So, I know that He wants me here for a reason, and I am becoming the reason for my being. I am Love, I am Light, I am Gratitude, I am Health, I am Joy, I am Peace, I am Abundance in all its glorious forms.

I am growing in mind, body and spirit, as we all are. I see with better sight (figuratively); I am, shall I dare say, wiser. I am asking the Lord to, “light up my path that I walk,” so I can “see” better; and guide me every day, “I will to will thy will,” my Lord. I believe this is all helping me to get to my best life, yet. I have a renewed sense of myself, and what I may be able to accomplish. I still have some ups and downs, but I move through the downs faster, now.

In this time of great changes on the planet, I am dedicating my life to the upliftment of mankind in all the ways God shows me how to do. I am very grateful to both of you, James and Angela, for the reinstatement of my associate minister’s license. I honor you both for your dedication to God, and COTC, and all of it members.

I begin again, I am renewed in body, mind, and spirit, with God as my unfailing source, always and forever.

Blessings, Rev. Sharlene Hale, A,M., Clearwater, Florida

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