Manifesting Heaven On Earth

"A vehicle to bring unification of Christ Expressions into One Collective Assemblage. Recognizing Planet Earth to be our Heavenly Parent's Church, each Christed Being is a complete Temple, a House of God, a living brick within Church Of The Creator.® "      

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Church Of The Creator®


US 7th Circuit Court Of Appeals: Opinion of July 25, 2002 - EASTERBROOK, Circuit Judge. "The "Church of the Creator" and the "World Church of the Creator" have irreconcilable creeds. The Church of the Creator (the operating name of TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation-Family of URI, Inc.) believes in universal love and respect......What has led to this litigation between the two organizations is the little ® symbol attached to Church of the Creator.......It turns out that tactics adopted to avoid paying for one’s wrongs have collateral costs"...continue►



 Historical Legacy & Foundations of The Church 

 Authors: Revs. Drs. Grace Marama URI & James Germain URI, Ministerial Unit, Co-Founders, prior to Transition of Grace Marama URI. [ March 18, 1932 - May 26, 2006 ]

The roots of TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation-Family Of URI and Church Of The Creator® are anchored in the Heavens, part of the foregoing and ongoing unfoldment of God's Divine Plan. Part of the Greater Plan, Divine Directives Administered through the Creator's Heavenly Hierarchy,


Rev. Dr. Grace Marama URI

March 18, 1932  -  May 26, 2006

Founding Mother of the Church

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Rev. Franklin Russell Warlick II    -   May 25, 1966 - November 27, 2017

Our Beloved Franklin was many things to many people.  From a human perspective it is difficult to convey in earthly terms, who he was or how much he did in service to the Divine Plan.

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"Grace House"

Established in 1969 by, Grace Christna Ruth as a personal Ministry. Legally anchored in California, Chartered, "Grace House Prayer Ministry Inc." on July 14, 1975 transitioning from an individual ministry to a Collective Vehicle, California nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation. In 1976 the corporation was renamed TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation-Family Of URI, Inc. 

In 1978 the Foundation received recognition from the Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, a Church. In 1982 the Foundation's public expression as a Religious Organization, a Church was further anchored, legally establishing, as part of the Foundations Service, Church Of The Creator® through the Charter, organizational document Ecclesia Magna Charta.


® Registered Trademark USPTO:  Establishment; Litigation; Court Rulings; Presidents; Intellectualy Property Rights; exclusive use of the ®  Registered Trademark: The Foundation Registered and maintains EUTM Registration No. 001432301 for the same Mark, since December 12, 1999.


Church Of The Creator®


Legal Structure

The Foundation is a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation, Charter issued July 14, 1975, Grace House Prayer Ministry Inc. Renamed, reorganized in 1976, amended through Articles Of Faith & Constitution - TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation-Family Of URI, Inc.

IRS Recognition's as a Charitable Tax Exempt Organization - US Department Of The Treasury

First recognized by the US Department of The Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, a Church, by Letter of Determination dated March 30, 1978. EIN#94-2385796

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