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  • If Login fails, consult notes created when setting up user account. "Username" "Password"
  • Alternatively, if email is unchanged, use ONE of the two links provided under the log in box:  Forgot your usernameForgot your password?
  • The system automatically sends you emails, to provide new "user" or "password" resets.
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Steps to setup a "Registered User" account.

1. Click on the Create an account link.

2. Fill in forms, user information. Please fill in complete information, required and  voluntary "fields" to support interface with COTC. NOTE: Write down, or otherwise save the "Username" and "Password" that you created.

3. Check Agree and then Register at the bottom of the forms page.


Notifications and completion of the process:

  • An email notice of registration and request for verification to "Activate" the account is automatically sent to the email provided.
  • Upon your Activation of the account, the request will be reviewed by a COTC Administrator, and an appropriate "User Category" selected such as "Public," "Active Ordained Minister." "Officer/Board/Council Member," or other classification based upon Participation within the Functioning Body of the Church.
  • An email Notification of Activation, "Registered User" account will arrive in your in box,  confirmation of the process.
  • You may then "Login" to the site by entering the user/password created when you started the process.


For other assistance, questions, please use -  Contact Form.



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