“The Office Of The Christ, coordinated by the Orders of Michael, Metatron and Melchizedek, has the responsibility and administrative authority in the Hierarchy of Heavenly Government, to bring about the necessary purification and consciousness evolvement on this planetary sphere and its fallen universe. Known and unknown avatars of Humanity, in all fields and disciplines, have had representatives of their Lifestreams in consciousness within this collective effort.”

“However, recorded history has not always given credence to the supporting roles within and behind the scenes. There is always a support group (Spiritual-Physical Family-Hierarchical Family Tree), individuals, counterparts of witnesses who behold in perfection the Star figure in their part (Pact). Thus giving the One allowance to be about the Father’s business and creating in the midst of duality the necessary buffer mechanism. Through prayer and unfoldment, this part, so obscure, has been performed through the love of the Heart, always present to maintain the purity.”  Quote from Historical Legacy & Foundations Of The Church © 1977-2006 TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation-Family Of URI, Inc.

Office Of The Christ  The redemptive Office of divine Light, ‘ encompassing the work of the 144,000 Ascended Masters working with YHWH and Michael through Jesus the Christ for the purification of this fallen universe. This includes all of the Ascended masters who work for the liberation of man throughout the word in all aeons of time.”  The Book Of Knowledge: The Keys Of Encoch  © 1973, J. J. Hurtak

Shekinah  ♥ Holy Spirit
Our Divine Mother ♥
Feminine Aspect Of The Holy Trinity


We Recognize This Whole Planet Earth
To be A Living Monument In The Glory Of The Father,
Dedicated By Michael, The Bestowal Christ Son Jesus,
To The Divine Mother Essence, The Holy Spirit,
By Whose Holy Breath It Is Sustained

“Let it be known that Our Scripture is Our Life, Our Living History dedicated to bringing forth through The Book Of Glories, the Church and Redemptive Body of The Christos, this living monument dedicated to life over death, through the ascending-descending Estates of Consciousness, through the Living Example by experience each unto the other, AMEN. The Great AMEN, the Living Word made Flesh through Our Parent Creator, by The Holy Breath of the Shekinah, Our Divine Mother, is manifesting on this Planet and its Systems in allowance and alignment of The Holy Trinity, The Many in One, The One in Many.” 1 ( SIXTH )

“Church Of The Creator® shall have as an Official Seal a Six Pointed Star Grid, supporting and manifesting the Descending/Ascending Energy of the Holy Spirit Shekinah, Our Divine Mother, represented as a Dove, sustaining through the Holy Breath, this Planet Earth, held within Its Heart and uplifting this Planetary Sphere and Its Systems to their rightful place in the Heavens.” 2 (Seal)

“…each one adds their part by expanding and living through the Redemptive Body of the Christ Son, and progresses daily in the bringing forth into outer manifestation  the Spiritual Gifts of Shekinah, Sacred Sciences, through the Feminine Principle and Priesthood.” 2 (Structure & Plan)

“… those choosing, commissioned and witnessed to be the Instruments to Mandate and Infuse God’s Higher Truths to this Humanity, to bring forth into manifest state the Sacred Sciences of the Holy Spirit Shekinah – AMEN – AMEN; and in proclaiming these truths shall Herald, Affirm, Teach and Sanctify in preparation and Celebration of that which is descending unto and through the Redemptive Vehicle of the Bestowal Son Jesus, the Office Of The Christ.”  2 (Associate Ministers)

Shekinah – “The “presence of God;” the sanctification of the molecular form of the inner universe by the Holy Spirit.” 3 (Glossary)

“The Keys to Shekinah universes explain how the spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit will be given to the Christ Race so spiritual Man can work directly with “whole Light beings” – the angelic messengers who will prepare the righteous of the earth for the Council of Light which will be established upon the earth at the time of the new heavens and the new earth.” 3 (Introduction)

“The People of God will also receive five additional gifts of the Holy Spirit when they are fully actualized. These will be the gifts of speaking in spiritual-scientific tongues; resurrecting the dead; speaking angelic languages; the ability to see and work with the angelic teachers of Light in this world and the coexisting worlds; and the understanding of the mysteries of the Shekinah Kingdoms whereby all embodiments of your Overself can be experienced by you in reference to other worlds which you occupy. The People of God then become the vehicle for he elect of the world.” 3 (Key 113:45)

Program Adonai Tsebayoth ♥ Mother ♥ Sister ♥ Daughter ♥ Feminine Aspect Of The Holy Trinity

The Priesthood of Melchizedek is being re-calibrated, infused and configured for the Final Co-ordinations of The Office of The Christ as the new Program Adonai Tsebayoth is ushered into this plane and dimension. ‘New realizations’ of prophet-hood infused to those ready to carry out the understanding of higher creations, miracles, the “Acts of the Apostles,” and the Collective MessiahShip, Covenant and Pact, anchored within Church Of The Creator.®

Jesus witnessed the progressions of Descending Programs of the Office Of The Christ: the outgoing Father Program, Moses and Elijah, who prophesied the coming of the Son Program of Jesus.

Jesus does not work alone, he is a trinitized expression…. a Trinity with Moses and Elijah. This trinity of representatives, Agents of Adjustment, bridge humanity from one program to the next. Now – now manifesting the next Descending Program – Adonai Tsebayoth.

The baptism of Jesus marks the beginning of his public ministry. This event is recorded in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke. In the New Testament, John the Baptist preached the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins (Luke 3:3), and declared himself a forerunner of he that would baptize “with the Holy Ghost and with fire” (Luke 3:16). In so doing he was preparing the way for Jesus. In the gospels, John had been foretelling (as in Luke 3:16) the arrival of someone “mightier than I.”  The apostle Paul also referred to this anticipation by John in Acts 19:4.

In Matthew 3:14, upon meeting Jesus, John said: “I have need to be baptized of thee, and comest thou to me?” However, Jesus convinced John to baptize him nonetheless. After Jesus went up “out of the water”, the Heavens opened, the Spirit of God descended like a dove upon him, and a voice from Heaven said: “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” (Matthew 3:13–17; Mark 1:9–11; Luke 3:21–23)

“John the Baptist” did not recognize the importance of the third aspect of the Holy Trinity, the Feminine Aspect, the Witness. However, Jesus understood the necessity of the Anointing, The Witness by John on earth and The Holy Spirit from the Heavens, forecasting the coming of a New Program.

For the last 2000+ years humanity has been incorporating the principles and practices, “love ye one another” that Jesus seeded. As he was anointed, so are we to all be Anointed within the next Descending Program.

The Family, vehicle of mankind, is not complete without the co-equal,  Feminine Co-creator, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Mate.

As the Transfiguration rolled up the scroll of the Father Program, transitioned to The Son Program and the Baptism of Jesus foretold of the upcoming Program – Program Adonai Tsebayoth.

When compassion is embraced, judgment released through forgiveness, unconditional love, Beholdance an operating principle, the heart is opened and may be healed. The space made,The Holy Spirit Shekinah, the Divine Mother Descends upon us and we are delivered. New Birth, New Earth.

“Jesus came to reactivate the chemical blueprint of Light in Man and allow him to use this as an enabling function for a higher ultrastructure of Light which is the Holy Spirit resonance of the Eternal Light. In order for this to take place within the lower metamaterial creations there must be consistency and balance within the body of belief. The Holy Spirit provides the Light transmissions between the physical body and the Shekinah universe, so that the physical form can return to the presence of the Father to take on a new appearance of divine form for the next world of Light. Here the ‘Shekinah’ must be understood as the presence of God moving upon the waters of creation coding the divine semblance. And the Collective ‘Christ child’ is now ready to come out of the womb and inherit this Eternal Divine Order forever and ever.” 3  (Key 315:143-147)

We express ourselves through thought, word and action. If we become unconscious, heartless, repetition of patterns, we literally become “slaves in the land of Egypt,” the desert of the mind, the land of constriction/duality. In seeking the living water of life, the Anointing, through the Holy Spirit we are delivered.

The key component of Life is Breath. The fetus is sustained by the biological systems of the physical mother.  When a baby is delivered, the first breath activates, nourishes the systems, enabling the cutting of the umbilical cord from the biological mother. The First Breath is the beginning of Divine Life, the umbilical cord of the Divine Mother, activating the Soul Component, Life as a Child Of God, a Human Being.

We can bleed, suffer all kinds of disruptions to our physical systems, but life must be sustained by Breath and without Breath, we are quickly dead to the world.   “…it is written, It is not by bread alone than man can live, but by every Word of God.”(Luke 4:4)  

Breath is the connection to the Shekinah Universe, Our Divine Mother, The Holy Spirit.


“In Beholdance and in accordance to Our Creator’s Omniscient Wisdom, TE-TA-MA shall manifest in alignment with the Orders of Melchizedek, Metatron, and Michael, the Latter being the Bestowal Christ Son Jesus, and Father in Co-Creation with the Creator Mother Spirit of this Universe.” 1 (Fourth Article)

Church Of The Creator® is the Vanguard, the Spiritual Consciouship of Michael, and is in alignment m the bringing forth of the Light Communities and Universal Centers to teach and expound the New Truths through the Order of Melchizedek.”1 (Purpose & Function)

“Melchizedek – Eternal Lord of Light. Sovereign of Light in charge of organizing the levels of the Heavenly worlds of YHWH for transit into new creation. Works with Michael and Metatron in the ‘rescue, regenesis and reeducation of worlds’ going through purification of the Living Light. In the history of the planet, Melchizedek was commissioned (according to the covenant of Enoch) to prepare the true priesthood of ‘Sonship’ upon a planet for eschatological participation with the Sons of Light.” 2

1. Articles Of Faith & Constitution, Article  © 1984 TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation – Family Of URI, Inc.
2. The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak © 1973

Christ Michael – Order of Michael

Beholdance and in accordance to Our Creator’s Omniscient Wisdom, TE-TA-MA shall manifest in alignment with the Orders of Melchizedek, Metatron, and Michael, the Latter being the Bestowal Christ Son Jesus, and Father in Co-Creation with the Creator Mother Spirit of this Universe.” 5 (Articles Of Faith – Article – Fourth)

“Church Of The Creator® is the Vanguard, the Spiritual Consciouship of Michael, and is in alignment to the bringing forth of the Light Communities and Universal Centers to teach and expound the New Truths through the Order of Melchizedek.”1 (Purpose & Function)

Evolving the Collective Consciousness of Humanity is a step by step process. First interference must be removed, fear based manipulation of warring factors, protection insured, accomplished through the authority of Christ Michael, responsibility of The Order of Michael.

Through God’s Grace, the Order of the Mother, Sisterhood of Mary the memory membrane of Collective Consciousness, from Alpha to Omega, was restored to the Original Divine Blueprint. Like scratches in a vinyl record the needle was stuck, repeating the same patterns of fear based warring factors inflicted upon humanity due to the rebellion of higher orders of beings, “the Fall.”  The damage had to be identified, the source held accountable and through the Love of the Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, removed, transmuted.

Beginning in 1969 Christ Michael, Office Of The Christ, issued a Divine Dispensation “Divine Right Order.”® A tool of consciousness evolution, activating Divine Intervention, through conscious human free-will choice, automatic Alignment, change. The conceptualizations received, Infused with Trinitized Light, beginning in 1969 were transcribed, lived, anchored in man’s law and of record.

Order of Michael – Christ Michael – Christ 

Order of Michael – guards the galaxies from biological-spiritual interference from the lesser forces of light except where necessary to test/train for soul advancement. 2 (Glossary)

Michael – Eternal Creator and Lord Protector of the Supreme-Ultimate programs of the Lords of Light and hosts in the ‘Father Universe’. He ensures that the variations of Light are part of the true spectrum derived from the Lords of Light. 2 (Glossary)

Christ – “ho Christos as the Anointed One.” The Father’s Son who begins, realizes and consummates the Divine Plan of the Father in the worlds of the Adam Kadmon. Through the incarnate Christ, we assume a new relationship to the Father. By being brothers and sisters to the Son, we are sons and daughter to the Father. Inasmuch as God makes his home in us through the Spirit, we mount to the dignity of Sonship, having the Son himself in us, to whom we are refashioned in his Spirit.” 2 (Glossary)

“Jesus, High Priest of the Order of Melchizedek and Lifestream of Christ Michael, brought in the Redemptive Body as LORD REDEEMER. He carried within his Divine Pattern the seed of balance with the female, the daughter, the co-creative balance to the Son, the manifesting aspect of Our Divine Mother Essence. What he planted and nurtured was unable to mature in that the evolving consciousness chosen (his apostles) denied, on this plane and dimension, the Divine Principle of Balanced Creation. As history clearly shows in this human drama, histrionics played a large part in co-creating through ego personalities caused by spiritual immaturity. The human choice once again was to readjust the given fabric and pattern, to suit the circumstances of effect, rather than weave on the Divine Blueprint of causation. Hence the continued domination of the masculine Priesthoods and mind concepts, still evident in this day and age.

Our Beloved Brother Christ Jesus demonstrated a profound truth of Divine Law. One representative, of Commissioned Spiritual Lineage, through human choice can stand in the place (space) of the Whole of that which they represent. He died so that we might live. He experienced consciously the illusion of death, publicly witnessed by representatives of all 12 Lifestreams, so that we automatically inherit the Divine Birthright of Everlasting Life within the Kingdom of Our Father’s Many Mansions.” 4

“Lifestream – Sensitive threads of Light Energy radiating from the GODHEAD, our Creator Source and First Seed Atom; the LIGHT lineage of individual personality expression; the totality of the memory membrane of which each human expression of personality is but a part as expressed in this space-time continuum; the totality of consciousness experience potentially available to any specific embodiment; all human ego-personalities have common origins within the 12 LIFESTREAMS now expressing on this Planet.” 6 (Glossary)

”The Ophanim also make the Merkabah available to the other Orders of Higher Intelligence so as to carry out specific functions: …to regenerate and resurrect the faithful remnant of a “seed creation” with the powers of Michael and Christ converge to bring one design of creation into the “new Heavens” of YHWH.” 2 (Key 303:74)

“Cosmocracy – Co-joint Democratic Healing and Sealing the Planes and Dimensions into a Unified Body. Cosmological Democracy; an integral planning in coordination within the Brotherhoods, step by step locking in process. The counterpart in the Electro-Magnetic Shield surrounding us in our many Universes. Externalizing the COMMUNITIES OF LIGHT by the ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK in attunement, accordance, and principle of PHASE 2 by the FEDERATION and GALACTIC COUNCILS in our Pact and Covenant to Our Parent Creator to fulfill the cause-effect of Man’s Destiny.” 6 (Glossary)

  1. Footnotes
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Metatron – Order Of Enoch

“In Beholdance and in accordance to Our Creator’s Omniscient Wisdom, TE-TA-MA shall manifest in alignment with the Orders of MELCHIZEDEK, METATRON, and MICHAEL, the Latter being the Bestowal Christ Son Jesus, and Father in Co-Creation with the Creator Mother Spirit of this Universe.” 1 (Fourth Article of Faith)

Metatron – Order of Enoch
Metatron – “The Garment of Shaddai.” The visible manifestation of the Deity as “Garment” of the Father, Almighty, Eternal Lord and “Divine Voice” of the Father. Creator of the outer worlds, Teacher and guide to Enoch and Creator of the Keys. “Metatron is the creator of the electron.” (Gen. 17:1; 28:3) 2 (Glossary)

“Order of Enoch/Brotherhood of Enoch — The Order of Enoch initiates the faithful into new worlds of consciousness by creating the spiritual-scientific scrolls of Knowledge. The Brotherhood builds the pyramidal grids on the planets necessary to evolve the biomes of intelligence. 2 (Glossary)

“Metatron, who serves the Ancient of Days, is to Enoch a Revealer of Secrets and a jurisdictional aspect of the Lordship emanating from the Ancient of Days. Metatron, from the Father’s bosom, delivers to Enoch the Books of the court of YHWH to be transcribed for the Son universes and the lower planetary worlds.” 2 (Key 107:14)

“In the unification of “I AM” to “I AM,” the Higher Evolution through the spiritual hierarchies begins new evolutionary cycles. And at the end of this cycle the “collective Messiah – Moses, Jesus, and Elijah as the Paradise Trinity of the Christ” will return with Uriel – the Creator of the Inner Light, Metatron – the Creator of the Outer Light, and Michael – the Creator of this “local galactic universe,” as a demonstration of the return of “the programmers of the Father’s Will” in gathering the remaining righteous on this Earth who will be “graduated” to go on to other Light-Life worlds.” 2 (Key 118:24)

“Thus, Melchizedek is in charge of organizing worlds, but it is Metatron, Michael, and Uriel who insure the outpouring of Light necessary for soul expansion. They supervise a continual process for the formulation of individual consciousness realities which can actually govern the world of the electron.” 2 (Key 318:69)

“It is only through the Office of the Christ working through Metatron, and Melchizedek, that the incarnate “children of Light” have had an opportunity to form communities of the “Living Light.” These communities are dedicated to the father, and work directly with the heavenly hosts.” 2 (Introduction xvii)“…I saw how those who work with Metatron and Melchizedek established twenty-four

communities of ‘Light’ shaped through a unique architecture and surrounded by different ‘walls’ of light. In actuality, these were ‘temples’ of the new Age built in the heart land of Altea-America where the gifts of spiritual teaching were used directly.” 2 (Key 318:134)


1. Articles of Faith & Constitution © 1977 TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation – Family Of URI, Inc.
2. The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak © 1973

 Orders Of Whole Light Beings

“Because our Purpose in TE-TA-MA is in Singleness of Thought, that of having a vibrational patterning so that those of Like-Mind may and can have a gravitational grid to motivate to, we see ourselves as just that, a giving and receiving of like-life energy patterns or waves, so in joining we are able at this point in time to be a multidimensional collective transformative reservoir for those of the Host, e.g. Great White Brotherhood, other Planes and Dimensions, Angelic Host, and Realms and Spheres of Cherubim and Seraphic counterparts; and we will continue until such given time to be the Translators and Mediators of Such Realm.” 3 (Purpose and Function)

Church Of The Creator® is the Vanguard, Spiritual Consciouship of Michael, aligned to the Order, Brotherhood, Priesthood of Melchizedek in compliment with The Orders Of Whole Light Beings to bring forth Melchizedek Communities Of Light,™ Melchizedek Academies Of Light,™ Universal Centers to enlighten, expound God’s New Truths.” 1 (Purpose and Function)

COTCLogo DRO TM 250“Orders of Whole Light Beings”

“Whole Light Beings are “Those entities of Light that exist in pure bodies of energy and travel through the universes by quanta mechanistic corpuscles of Light and move in the midst of man by gravitational fluxline controls.” 2 (Glossary)

“Through the Office of the Christ this continued state of soul confusion and inability to connect with “limitless intercommunication” is recognized and compensated for by the human attunement to the spiritual intermediary of the Office of the Christ. The Office directs the spiritual intermediaries assigned to balance the communion between the physical self and the Overself within progressive states of degeneracy. Therefore, the individual can override negative programming through help from the Office of the Christ which is in coordination with the other Whole Light Beings.” 2

“The keys to Future Luminaries are Whole Light Beings who will give Energy Codes for Limitless Intercommunication between Living Universes and “the Power of Righteousness and Compassion” which holds love-powered radiations together in the cycles of “The Eternal Inheritance.” 2

“From the Councils of Light, the “Whole Light Beings”, emissaries carrying the codes of limitless intercommunications keyed to go from the TAV ת into the JAH יה, the synthesis of all the Light emanations of the Holy Sephiroth giving Divine instruction. Therefore, the future luminaries are those who wear the JAH upon their foreheads for they have gone through the TAV to recognize the end which has no end. These codes are given to the meek and righteous of the Earth who plant their codes by compassion and love-powered radiations.” 2

The Trinitized Beings of the Hyos Ha Koidesh serving throughout All Creation, including 24 Elders At The Throne of Our Father Universe; Orders of the Elohim; Ishim; Malachim; Erelim; Hashmalim; Elim; B’nai Elohim; Seraphim; Ophanim; Cherubim…

Hyos Ha Koidesh, Trinitized Beings serving throught Creation, break the barrier of the Infinite. In so doing, they can connect with other Father universes and exalt the fuller work of the Ancient of Days in activities beyond description.

Twenty-Four Elders, on the highest level of the administration of a Father universe, from the ranks of the Hyos Ha Koidesh, control twenty-four Thrones and Dominions which administer the Law of Central Control through Councils of Light to all universes which recognize YHWH.

Order of the Elohim, comprises the Creator Gods of YHWH who control the calibrations of Light that are necessary to evolve all the combinations of the Image and Similitude through the Divine Eye of the Father. They formulate myriad worlds of creation and act as the administrators of the “Paradise Centers,” the exchange centers which allow levels of consciousness to exist within various categories of “Light” and “Love.”

Order of the Ishim, assists man to go from the third dimension to the fifth dimension of spiritual growth. They come down into the integral formations of the inner Shekinah worlds to evolve mankind from the lowest molecular forms within the network of the Adamic body.

Order of the Malachim, is one of the Orders of the Lords who supervise the programs of Sovereign Law pertaining to God-Man relationships in every universe. They attune the forces of angelic communication and open the books of God’s Law to be read in the higher heavens as the Cosmic Law. They also reinstate the Law in the lower realms so that man understands why he is a spectrum that had fallen before this present program.

Order of the Erelim, maintain the “Covenant of Light” between the Thrones and centers of Higher Intelligence. They continually adjust the center of light with respect to the evolving orders of Higher Intelligence that must be periodically drawn together as the worlds of physical form change with respect to new plans of creation. They also judge the effectiveness of technology, monitoring and ordering civilizations that have not yet found their spiritual identity.

Order of the Hashmalim, carry the standards of Justice and the Weights and Measures which judge even the angels. They are the judges of the spiritual planets. It is from the ranks that the Trinity Spirits are called to dispatch the original manifestation of the limitless knowledge, the Torah Or of the Ain Soph to the planetary realms of YHWH’s Angelic Ambassadors. These are the weights and measures that allow terrestrial and celestial law to be synthesized for the establishment of interplanetary government.

Order of the Elim, represents the sustainers of the vibrations of sonic energy used in the music of the spheres. The Elim translate the Father’s messages into units of sound and color which are used for communication between the networks of the Hosts. The Elim use spherical musical forms to inspire art, teachings and transformational activities in the realms of creation.
The Elim inspire:

Love of universal forces;
Love of consciousness understanding;
Love of at-one-ment with God;
Love of at-one-ment with self;
Love of spiritual knowledge;
Love of spiritual Wisdom;
Love of divine seed-forms;
Love of indwelling Shekinah gifts; and
Love of the Infinite Way of the Divine.

Order of the B’nai Elohim, are the Sons of the Creator Gods who are commissioned to dispatch as share of the “Treasury of Light” for the Wisdom and education of souls. They evolve the “lesser garments” of the Adam Kadmon that are not directly used by the Elohim in the creation of the physical intelligences that serve YHWH.

Order of the Seraphim, of all the Orders of the Host, have been chosen to manifest the “Government of Light” because they know how to associate the right “Wisdom” with the “right planets” in accordance with the Father’s “Master Plan.”

Order of Ophanim, are the messengers of Light from the higher heavens of the Father, uniquely placed at the crossroads of space as a network for governing and implanting “new realization.” When the prophets of the ancient civilizations made contact with the higher worlds, invariably the contact was made through the Ophanim Messengers of Light. The Ophanim carefully select individuals in each of the planetary societies who have the ability of prophethood and carry the understanding of the higher creation. There is a distinct aspect of the Ophanim ‘s work which is synonymous with “Wheels-within-Wheels” — the appearance force of the Merkabah as it comes into physical manifestation. There are several Orders of Ophanim extending from the Higher Evolutionary Orders to the Princely Ophanim, including those who command the ‘Deca-Delta’ manifestations to target interplanetary grids.
All Ophanim use the Light of Metatron and the Order of Melchizedek to refurbish the planetary worlds with the right type of Light in transit from “Mansion World” to “Mansion World,” through quantized spiritual evolution.

Order of the Cherubim, emissaries of Light is the angelic Order of higher intelligence which functions as the keeper of the celestial documents. They are also capable of appearing on the earth plane to direct the affairs of man. However, their primary function is to guard the Throne and Dominion passages of Light which connect the physical worlds with the government of the Mid-Heavens. The purpose of the Cherubim is to create a wall of Light protection around the ‘specific Plan’ being used to connect to worlds of generation and regeneration. They insure that the thought-forms of the Masters and Ascended Masters are “perfectly consistent” with the Father’s Plan in perfecting the number of souls destined to share in a creative plan.