Manifesting Heaven On Earth

"A vehicle to bring unification of Christ Expressions into One Collective Assemblage. Recognizing Planet Earth to be our Heavenly Parent's Church, each Christed Being is a complete Temple, a House of God, a living brick within Church Of The Creator.® "

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GRIDS GROUP 250Chapter I

G R O U P  -  God Represents Our Unified Parts

Let us recognize those here gathered in consciousness. First and foremost we reside at ONE, in the presence of our Parent Creator Source. This is in truth the point of our joining and in forever holding this awareness in our consciousness, we keep the avenues open, ready to receive the support available, within and through the Office Of The Christ.

Church Of The Creator® is Commissioned, established, and anchored through the Group Consciousness GRIDS of the Holy Trinity, Divine Deity. Those individuals attracted to participate in any capacity of expression through this Church and its Associate Ministers have on another level chosen and are already  functioning in group consciousness. The tools contained in GRIDS will assist in bringing that choice into the fullness of outer manifestation.

As a point of beginning, each individual member becomes a unifying compliment by making the necessary choice and effort in this plane and dimension.

The compound overall interest and desire should always be unification.

Utilize written guidelines for collective participation. If not already in existence, create the structure that will bring the purpose and function or your collective work into a written document.

Define the unifying elements of your participation, each unto the other and always abide with that Accord. The words set the pattern in this plane and dimension of your Collective Vehicle and are the place through choice of mutual agreement to which all have pledged support, your common bond, each unto the other and therefore the Whole.

If you find in your growth as a Unified Functioning Body that you have gone beyond the consciousness of your foundation stone, then make the expansion needed. Revise, expand and anchor your collective goals and guidelines.

We recommend you become familiar with the terminology, publications and organizing documents of Church Of The Creator.® They have been established in practical application on the principles as set forth in GRIDS and are the common threads throughout the weave.

As alternatives present themselves in opportunity of co-creation, always choose the Group Vehicle and insure the results of your inspiration.

The totality of a collective work is not the sum of the parts. Each one’s effort through unification and singleness of purpose expands the Whole in many multiples of the individual’s contribution. The results of our collective effort is multiplied thousand upon thousands of times as we move in Group Unity within and through the Office Of The Christ.

Each individual, need remain in consciousness unified with the Whole, or the Whole suffers a loss in functioning capacity in the same amplified proportion.

The Whole functions as Wheels within Wheels, not as parallel Wheels or as the same Wheel in two or more places.

It is important to recognize that true Group Movement by Christed individuals working together with an outer organization, cohesive in purpose and function and in alignment to man’s law and Divine Law is only now being re-established on this planet. Change being created by your conscious collective effort is of vast significance.

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