Manifesting Heaven On Earth

"A vehicle to bring unification of Christ Expressions into One Collective Assemblage. Recognizing Planet Earth to be our Heavenly Parent's Church, each Christed Being is a complete Temple, a House of God, a living brick within Church Of The Creator.® "

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GRIDS of Consciousness Unification

Authored Co-jointly by the Ministerial Unit Revs. Drs. Grace Marama URI and James Germain URI,  1979-1980, to bring about better understanding of the reciprocal flow of collective energy and living experiences.

This publication is intend for use in conjunction with an audio CD. Understanding of the Principles & Practices of the Church are accelerated by experiential demonstration within:

COTC GRIDS Accord Seminar

© 1984 TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation-Family Of URI, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Expressions of this publication reformatted online in 2015, are aligned to the Group Consciousness GRIDS as now established on this planet Earth and its systems. The words written have been authored by the individuals, as representatives of example, while living as a "Family Of Ten" within the prototype Melchizedek Community Of Light™, "Ship Terra," Prospect, Oregon, 1979 - 1985.

This compendium issued through Church Of The Creator,® is a Conscious Directive within and through the Office Of The Christ, a tool to bring about the unification of Christ Expressions into ONE COLLECTIVE ASSEMBLAGE. Being specifically oriented for use by COTC Associate Ministers and Candidates for Ordination. GRIDS is a guideline, in support of understanding gained through experience, an automatic inheritance.


Recognizing GRIDS of Consciousness Unification is a group tool, we on our part pay tribute to those individuals who have come to that one conscious place of understanding. In realization that life's purpose is service to Creation in Glorification to Our Parent Creator Source, the choice is made in support of the Whole, to utilize the highest possible function of Our God Essence. Through self-realization each recognizes that we must participate collectively with those of like heartmind, dedication and purpose, therefore amplifying to the maximum our individual effort in this service, becoming a cell (Realized Self) in the Redemptive Christ Body, within and through the Office Of The Christ.

In having reached that place of accord, the primary motivation of each one being ready to do what is "...highest and best for the Whole," many personality concepts will release from all involved. This is a mutual process and once accomplished, within the space made together, a quantum leap in consciousness understanding occurs, where each one will expand and become representative of the Whole, as is needed to effect the Divine Plan. This is Cosmic Christ Consciousness,  Group  Responsibility  IDivine  Structure, G R I D S.

GRIDS GROUP 250Chapter I

G R O U P  -  God Represents Our Unified Parts

Let us recognize those here gathered in consciousness. First and foremost we reside at ONE, in the presence of our Parent Creator Source. This is in truth the point of our joining and in forever holding this awareness in our consciousness, we keep the avenues open, ready to receive the support available, within and through the Office Of The Christ.

Church Of The Creator® is Commissioned, established, and anchored through the Group Consciousness GRIDS of the Holy Trinity, Divine Deity. Those individuals attracted to participate in any capacity of expression through this Church and its Associate Ministers have on another level chosen and are already  functioning in group consciousness. The tools contained in GRIDS will assist in bringing that choice into the fullness of outer manifestation.

As a point of beginning, each individual member becomes a unifying compliment by making the necessary choice and effort in this plane and dimension.

The compound overall interest and desire should always be unification.

Utilize written guidelines for collective participation. If not already in existence, create the structure that will bring the purpose and function or your collective work into a written document.

Define the unifying elements of your participation, each unto the other and always abide with that Accord. The words set the pattern in this plane and dimension of your Collective Vehicle and are the place through choice of mutual agreement to which all have pledged support, your common bond, each unto the other and therefore the Whole.

If you find in your growth as a Unified Functioning Body that you have gone beyond the consciousness of your foundation stone, then make the expansion needed. Revise, expand and anchor your collective goals and guidelines.

We recommend you become familiar with the terminology, publications and organizing documents of Church Of The Creator.® They have been established in practical application on the principles as set forth in GRIDS and are the common threads throughout the weave.

As alternatives present themselves in opportunity of co-creation, always choose the Group Vehicle and insure the results of your inspiration.

The totality of a collective work is not the sum of the parts. Each one’s effort through unification and singleness of purpose expands the Whole in many multiples of the individual’s contribution. The results of our collective effort is multiplied thousand upon thousands of times as we move in Group Unity within and through the Office Of The Christ.

Each individual, need remain in consciousness unified with the Whole, or the Whole suffers a loss in functioning capacity in the same amplified proportion.

The Whole functions as Wheels within Wheels, not as parallel Wheels or as the same Wheel in two or more places.

It is important to recognize that true Group Movement by Christed individuals working together with an outer organization, cohesive in purpose and function and in alignment to man’s law and Divine Law is only now being re-established on this planet. Change being created by your conscious collective effort is of vast significance.


R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y - Representatives Entrusted Serve Perfectly Our Natural Synergism Inherently Birthed In Loving Indwelling Trinitized You

All responsibilities are co-created through free-will choice and agreement. We each choose and have been chosen.

It is our responsibility and solemn pledge to the ONE Living God, The Holy Trinity and Each Other to manifest as the Redemptive Christ Body, each supportive of the Whole, all portraying through example the Living Word Made Flesh.

If each one is not working for the Whole, then automatically, as a matter of Divine Law, they are working against the Whole. This principle applies on all levels of functioning groups. At home, at work and play.

It is our responsibility to choose always to remain unified.

Those warring factors, areas of duality consciousness, must by agreement to the “Christ Pact” bring about a Consciousness Amnesty and learn to move together Peaceably.

To accomplish this simply stated goal will require all the collective strength, experience and tools available and it is to be recognized that it requires the energies of the Group Consciousness GRIDS as now established within and through the Office Of The Christ.

Our responsibility is collective and can only be realized collectively, in Christ Accord.

When the individual member through unilateral choice is expressing or seeking guidance from the consciousness of individualized service once having been infused through the Group Consciousness GRIDS, they have neglected their responsibility to the Whole and can become subjected to the duality broadcast of paradox.

Physical vehicles, when joined in this plane and dimension and aligned in all consciousness planes and dimensions within and through the Office Of The Christ, serve as a buffer mechanism for each one present. The responsibility therefore is to utilize the Aligned Group Vehicle thus the expression and guidance received will automatically be aligned to that which is highest and best for the Whole.

It is our responsibility to each other to support all parts of our collective vehicle by performing and carrying out the agreements made. It is also our responsibility to Behold Perfectly each one entrusted by choice and agreement to act for and represent the Whole, whatever the functioning level, or combination of the parts.

It is the responsibility of the Members, Officers, Councils, Boards, those Spiritually Affiliated, to stay appraised of and function within the law, those created by man and God.

Recognize that through perfect beholdance in affirmation and use of the transcending tool, Divine Right Order® that automatic change will occur.

In compliance and support of man’s law from the Group Consciousness GRIDS of Divine Law, evolution must manifest.

As we raise our heart together, in Praise and Prayer, resonating with the Whole, singularly and collectively we strengthen our responsibility in Glorification to Our Parent and in fulfilling that TRUST PLACED IN US.

GRIDS IN 250Chapter  III

IN  -   Interrelating   Nucleus

Knowledge of the Christ Group has been gifted to this planet and its systems. Those asking are receiving recognition of their Responsibility to come together as a Collective Vehicle, a Family, aligned within and through the Office Of The Christ. Church Of The Creator® through its Associate Ministers, and Affiliate Auxiliaries is a Vehicle to bring this knowledge forth as Wisdom, through the Heart, the Feminine Principle and Balance, I N LIVING EXAMPLE.

To assure that the Interrelating Nucleus, the Divine Spark within each of us, has the opportunity to manifest collectively, there are simple awareness-es, tools and alignments that all functioning groups may utilize.

On coming together in any combination for any purpose, first, stabilize in that quiet place, align through all planes and dimensions and call forth the perfection and purpose for your joining.

Recognize the vibration and presence of our supportive counterparts, within and through the Office Of The Christ, and hold this alignment as you move in co-creation.

Do not move into areas that are counterproductive to the specific purpose for which you are representatives in the now. Re-stabilize when needed.

On completion of your joining, close, heal and seal all ends. This encourages a clean release. Be aware of reopening the membrane through social discussion following this process.

An agenda is a useful tool. Support and information to the one responsible for its preparation is necessary.

Gatherings may be stabilized through focus of a chairperson(s) and perfect beholdance of that one(s) as they act in the highest and best interest of the Whole.

Utilize a recorder to hold the highlights of gatherings and bring forth your written record (minutes, journal, log, etc.) as soon as possible in order that the collective consciousness has a precise reference upon which unified action can be founded.

If it is not perfectly clear as to what is to be accomplished through those assembled, collectively attune and ask for guidance.

The guidance received will be highest and best for the Whole as long as the questions and vibration of those gathered are maintaining in that unified Group Consciousness GRID. If the question asked, or the motivation is individually oriented, there will be no connection to the Group Consciousness GRIDS and hence the guidance will inevitably be from another estate of consciousness.

The following is suggested during your gatherings and collective attunements:

  • FOCUS only on areas pertinent to the joining. Attune only to those matters that are in correct timing and the responsibility of the ones gathered.
  • Frame questions from the collective view and compound interest of those assembled, in support of what is highest and best for the Whole.
  • State the question without inclusion of even the most subtle content that would support pre-conclusion as to outcome, conceptualization of outcome, or personality orientations.

When clear direction is established and supported by those gathered, then request specific guidance relating to:

  • The next step to be taken?
  • Who is/are the one(s) to act (have the authority) for the Whole and in what part and combination?
  • Is there an aligned timing for completion?
  • All other discernment's needed at this time of attunement?
  • Timing for the next attunement or gathering relating to this specific matter?

In the living application of these principles, this cohesive Love, Collective Movement in Trust of Heart and Mind, will bring about the recognition of the Indwelling LOVE and PURITY of the CHRIST VIBRATION, where we all met, within and through the OFFICE OF THE CHRIST.


Chapter IV

DIVINE -  Dedicated Individuals Viably Interconnecting New Endeavours

Our Parent Creator Source is a Trinitized Expression of ONE, evolving infinite personalities.

In outer expression this is the Spiritual-Physical Family, Mankind’s Divine Lineage, His alignment to the Hierarchical Family Tree, the overcontrol synthesizer of the Divine Blueprint.

Group Consciousness GRIDS are trinitized function and expression, through all planes and dimensions.

On all levels we are never working alone. It is of paramount importance that this awareness conscientiously be with us at all times, individually, collectively, spontaneously and organizationally.

This is the example of DIVINITY, THREE IN ONE. Within and through the Trinitized GRIDS of Consciousness Unification the individual is always asking for the Whole and therefore always receiving for the Whole.
In this estate, there is a continuum issuing for Divine thought forms and pictographic infusion, combinations of probability and possibility, causation relationships in human expression, the next step (s), in manifestation of the Divine Plan. These areas of inspiration in uplifting Humanity’s expression can only be received and activated through the collective energies of Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

The individual attuned to Group Consciousness GRIDS becomes the recipient of Spiritualized human conceptualization, buffered by the supportive energies of the collective.
Once received and anchored, the unilateral conceptualization can be brought into the consciousness of the Whole through Group Attunement. Witness as to timing and filtering in the combined energies of unanimous support through conscious choice, the expression therefore becomes balanced within the Whole, thus establishing the New Order Of All Things.

GRIDS is a tool to manifest the Divine Example through common sense application, now activated and utilizing mankind’s desire to move together as One Consciousness Body.

Mankind over the centuries has had the innate desire to live in a Utopian Society, yet has failed to realize that ideal. The greatest blockage and obstacle has always been in personal release of objects into the impersonal Love of the Christ Vibration, which once embraced helps heal and seal forever those areas of consciousness responsible for selfish motivation and warlike personalities.

Trinitized consciousness automatically activates understanding that all thoughts – all things are merely energies at different vibrational levels, wholly manifesting as they are created, whether objects or words. All however emanate from, return to, and in truth belong to the Godhead.

Group Consciousness GRIDS enfold the understanding of Guardianship, a Divine Responsibility if right-use of the God Essence Energy, whatever the form. This understanding when applied as a Divine Responsibility within and through the Office Of The Christ the instrument to see made manifest Heaven on Earth.

At the point of embracing as truth that all energies and objects belong to Our Parent, the individual becomes cognitive of their Divine Birthright. As a Son or Daughter they are also inheritors of the Whole of our Parent’s abundance.

Each one is directly accountable to the Father for the right-use of the God Essence entrusted to their individual guardianship. How that guardianship is administered has a vast effect upon the Whole.

Once guided and choosing in the highest and best interest of the Whole to transfer guardianship to the collective vehicle, an individual need only to complete the act through the written word of legal title to fulfill the commitment. Then and only then does this become a topic and concern of the collective, through Group Responsibility for right-use.

That action of transfer automatically connects the gift through Divine Right Order,® to a timing and outcome aligned to what is the highest and best for the Whole.

These understandings and principles apply on all levels of human expression, individual, family, group, commerce, governmental, etc. and are the KEY to bringing the material plane into balance of Divine Trinitized Expression.

When exemplified on any level, these principles automatically synchronize and mesh within and through the Office Of The Christ, and the efforts and expressions activated receive the amplification of that ONE Unified Body.


Chapter V

STRUCTURE   -    Strength Tenacity Resiliency Unending Christ Transformative Unctioned

Redemptive Evolution Perfect STRUCTURE begins and ends in the relationship expressed within and through Trinitized Trinity.

STRUCTURE is relationship that manifests strength greater than the sum of the parts.

STRUCTURE is organization, through which, by mutual agreement, Church Of The Creator® functions as a Whole, within the Whole.

STRUCTURE is the GRID of our fabric as we co-create within the Divine Tapestry.

Church Of The Creator® is a function aligned to reciprocal resonance of the color coding and harmonics within and through the Six Pointed Star Grid, perfect in its Pattern.

Each member becomes a Living Brick, tempered, resilient, within the STRUCTURE, a thread within the cloth, the internal weave.

Each thought, each word, each action, each combination has a direct effect upon the qualitative strength, texture and integrity of the collective co-creation.

We are always in Church. The Church is in US. From the perspective of this plane and dimension, our lives our daily living, are the basic unit of the STRUCTURE.

Once brought into the weave, the Body, the Temple, will show the results of the movement of the parts. As the individual consciousness functions within and through the Office Of The Christ, the STRUCTURE of the Group Consciousness GRIDS strengthen and the Auxiliary Churches gain strength in their part, of seeing made manifest a New Heaven on Earth.

To strengthen the STRUCTURE it must be exercised as a Whole, in attunement with the Group Consciousness GRIDS. This requires conscious effort, tenacity and practice through application of the principles and tools as expressed in GRIDS.

Recognize that each time there is a joining (individual in prayer – Church Service – Board or Committee meeting) that co-creation is in process within the STRUCTURE.

Each gathering has its own unique purpose and function within the resonating vibrational harmonic of the Divine Tapestry. With practice the correct combinations will bring the perfect inner pattern of the weave to outer manifestation. The parts once amalgamated are relative to the Whole, functioning organs, perfect integral parts.

Unification in outer expression of the Redemptive Body Vehicle can only be experienced through participation within the Collective Energy Grids. This experience of unity is not at all what the individual consciousness projects and conceptualizes. In attaining harmonious balance the heart is witness to its purity and truth, for in essence it is Unconditional Love.

Those one, our counterparts, the Seventy-Two (72) Brotherhoods who function within and through the Office Of The Christ stand collectively ready to support us, Church Of The Creator,® as a GROUP and through use of the Group Consciousness GRIDS now established, their Light and Wisdom, through our choice, can be amplified in the QUICKENING AND INFUSING OF THE HIGHER TRUTHS FOR THOSE READY TO RECEIVE THEIR DIVINE INHERITANCE!

Make no mistake in understanding, our counterparts are dependent upon and limited by the free-will choice of those ones who said they would remember the COVENANT and move into COHESIVE ORGANIZED GROUP EFFORT.

Glossary Of Terms | Church Of The Creator®

Definitions supplemental to English Dictionaries, complimentary to understanding being established through living example, Aligned within and through The Office Of The Christ, Order, Brotherhood and Priesthood of Melchizedek, Principles & Practices of the Church.

Recommended as an additional reference is THE BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE: The Keys of Enoch, The Academy For Future Science, by Dr. James J. and Desiree Hurtak. Keys Of Enoch® is a registered Service Mark of James J. Hurtak. All rights reserved.

Terms Consciously Established Through Living Example


Consciousness attunement within and through the Office Of The Christ to that which is highest and for the greatest good of the Whole; a specific agreement as to time, place, action, activity, etc., agreed upon in support of unified action requiring conscious effort to fulfill by more than one individual.


A state of Being - awareness - an estate of consciousness above the Tapestry; a spiritual attitude that brings non-judgment into our everyday living experience; it is faith and acceptance that what is being Beheld is the very best that can be, within the now of the space-time continuum.


A Christed tool that consciously supports within each one the perfection of the God Essence, irrespective of outer manifest expression; the IMMACULATE CONCEPT.

Beholdance of the Perfect Christ Expression of one another (including one's SELF) establishes:


Through the positive flow of supportive energy given, each unto the other; the avenue of outer unification is always held open; from the Estate of Oneness, we can transcend any energy experience of apparent separation or disharmony - alienation.


Through conscious support and trust, discernment can be given and received relative to outer expressions held in the patterning of the old order; thus bringing about release and equalization without ego personality involvement.


In the amplified energies within and through the Office Of The Christ; in trust and balance, the synchronicity of that needed to affect the Divine Plan is aligned as a WHOLE and Beheld by the WHOLE of the Body; thus Heaven on Earth made manifest.

Consciousness GRIDS

The network of Light Energy created and maintained, facilitated by specific consciousness focus; these grids are functional co-creative energies for the manifestation of Divine Truth on Earth, unifying the inner wisdom planes with this plane of reality.

Cosmic Christ Consciousness

A joining through Soul Level agreement of those personalities who have released the individual I AM growth pattern, into the COLLECTIVE I of GROUP UNITY; living in the Group Aspect of the Christ Body; going beyond personal-soul expansion and joining in GROUP to create a synergism of combined spiritual evolvement within and through the OFFICE OF THE CHRIST.


Co-joint Democratic Healing and Sealing the Planes and Dimensions into a Unified Body. Cosmological Democracy; an integral planning in coordination within the Brotherhoods, step by step locking in process. The counterpart in the Electro-Magnetic Shield surrounding us in our many Universes. Externalizing the COMMUNITIES OF LIGHT by the ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK in attunement, accordance, and principle of PHASE 2 by the FEDERATION and GALACTIC COUNCILS in our Pact and Covenant to Our Parent Creator to fulfill the cause-effect of Man’s Destiny.


Aspects of our Greater Beingness or Christ OverSelf; the Angelic Host supporting the Divine Plan, working with us in this Dimension and in other Mansion Worlds where much inner-plane work is carried out. Human Beingness extends beyond this Third Dimensional Realm through and in conjunction with these Divine Spiritual Expressions; extensions of our Godself, who move in close awareness of our terrestrial endeavorings, ready to protect, support, and guide Mankind toward Universal Familyhood.

Divine Right Order®

A tool of consciousness; an instrument of affirmation which assists in co-creating in the Image and Similitude of our Creator Source; this vibrational harmonic, when spoken, resonates and sets into motion Cosmic and Divine Law, an automatic alignment to manifestation of Heaven on Earth, Highest Truth and Justice for the WHOLE of Creation; through Group Movement in at-one-ment to the Perfection of the Seed Atom of our Parent Creator and asking for Divine Wisdom in being the Instrument that only the Highest Truth manifest in Love; Divine Right Order® shall allow only Truth to manifest, Justice reign supreme, and Love to bring forth Harmony, Liberty, Freedom, and Peace.


Sensitive threads of Light Energy radiating from the GODHEAD, our Creator Source and First Seed Atom; the LIGHT lineage of individual personality expression; the totality of the memory membrane of which each human expression of personality is but a part as expressed in this space-time continuum; the totality of consciousness experience potentially available to any specific embodiment; all human ego-personalities have common origins within the 12 LIFESTREAMS now expressing on this Planet.

Lifestream Representative

Within COSMIC CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS there are individuals, spiritually commissioned and chosen (by choosing) to represent specific Lifestreams and Soul Groups; these ones act consciously through human free-will choice, their efforts bring about consciousness evolution; some through prior agreement, have embodied, taking on patterns that have originated within the "black cube" energies of the Fallen Hierarchies, so that these distortions of God's original Perfect Plan can be conscientiously turned around creating the space for a New Heaven to manifest on Earth; as imperfect patterns are released, the choice of these representatives opens avenues for greater soul recognition throughout this Planet, its systems and the WHOLE of Human Consciousness is evolved. From COSMIC CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS, these representatives clearly understand that patterns embraced, unnecessarily, over and over again are traps of consciousness bondage.


Let go and let God; in the aspect of spiritual growth, it is giving up of emotional mind energy; a blockage removal allowing replacement infusion with resonating reciprocal energy and healing by the Holy Spirit; the human ego can manifest in the body as blocked or trapped energy, and "release" removes that blockage; it constitutes handing up and returning of a thought-form which is less than perfect to the Father - a thought that cannot be held in a perfected state of Good; it can be a resentment, an imperfect Beholdance, a traumatic experience of childhood, a fear of something, a habit pattern of less than the highest - these aspects may be latent memory from other embodiments; with this release, trapped energy begins to flow and healing comes to the mind/membrane, the body and to the soul in its progression; a Heart Endowment.


Centering-in to the quiet place within one's Christ Beingness; harmonizing all parts, each part in support of the others; at the moment one is "stable" there is harmony throughout all of the bodies; bringing the Inner into the Outer; coming together, joined in a circle, (holding hands, eyes closed) establishing the energy flow of ONENESS, and setting the vibration for the forthcoming movement as a group.

What is in the Highest & Greatest Good for the Whole of Creation?

This is most important when asking the Father for guidance - the keynote; the criteria for asking; constant attunement, unceasing prayer, through this filter, is the catalyst for best- use of one's God essence Energy; man has evolved as an individual, but in the New Age, the WHOLE is the important factor; it is the coordination of all the parts together that set the vibration on all levels of existence and in all daily activities, thought, word, and action.


Cosmic Keynote Colors of the Heart/Soul; the experience of the Triune Energies Of The God-Head; the totality of Creation and Creator.

Church Of The Creator®, Divine Right Order® URI® "Human Software For Being"® are registered trademarks of TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation - Family of URI® Inc. © 1977-2015. All Rights Reserved.

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