Manifesting Heaven On Earth

"A vehicle to bring unification of Christ Expressions into One Collective Assemblage. Recognizing Planet Earth to be our Heavenly Parent's Church, each Christed Being is a complete Temple, a House of God, a living brick within Church Of The Creator.® "

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GRIDS IN 250Chapter  III

IN  -   Interrelating   Nucleus

Knowledge of the Christ Group has been gifted to this planet and its systems. Those asking are receiving recognition of their Responsibility to come together as a Collective Vehicle, a Family, aligned within and through the Office Of The Christ. Church Of The Creator® through its Associate Ministers, and Affiliate Auxiliaries is a Vehicle to bring this knowledge forth as Wisdom, through the Heart, the Feminine Principle and Balance, I N LIVING EXAMPLE.

To assure that the Interrelating Nucleus, the Divine Spark within each of us, has the opportunity to manifest collectively, there are simple awareness-es, tools and alignments that all functioning groups may utilize.

On coming together in any combination for any purpose, first, stabilize in that quiet place, align through all planes and dimensions and call forth the perfection and purpose for your joining.

Recognize the vibration and presence of our supportive counterparts, within and through the Office Of The Christ, and hold this alignment as you move in co-creation.

Do not move into areas that are counterproductive to the specific purpose for which you are representatives in the now. Re-stabilize when needed.

On completion of your joining, close, heal and seal all ends. This encourages a clean release. Be aware of reopening the membrane through social discussion following this process.

An agenda is a useful tool. Support and information to the one responsible for its preparation is necessary.

Gatherings may be stabilized through focus of a chairperson(s) and perfect beholdance of that one(s) as they act in the highest and best interest of the Whole.

Utilize a recorder to hold the highlights of gatherings and bring forth your written record (minutes, journal, log, etc.) as soon as possible in order that the collective consciousness has a precise reference upon which unified action can be founded.

If it is not perfectly clear as to what is to be accomplished through those assembled, collectively attune and ask for guidance.

The guidance received will be highest and best for the Whole as long as the questions and vibration of those gathered are maintaining in that unified Group Consciousness GRID. If the question asked, or the motivation is individually oriented, there will be no connection to the Group Consciousness GRIDS and hence the guidance will inevitably be from another estate of consciousness.

The following is suggested during your gatherings and collective attunements:

  • FOCUS only on areas pertinent to the joining. Attune only to those matters that are in correct timing and the responsibility of the ones gathered.
  • Frame questions from the collective view and compound interest of those assembled, in support of what is highest and best for the Whole.
  • State the question without inclusion of even the most subtle content that would support pre-conclusion as to outcome, conceptualization of outcome, or personality orientations.

When clear direction is established and supported by those gathered, then request specific guidance relating to:

  • The next step to be taken?
  • Who is/are the one(s) to act (have the authority) for the Whole and in what part and combination?
  • Is there an aligned timing for completion?
  • All other discernment's needed at this time of attunement?
  • Timing for the next attunement or gathering relating to this specific matter?

In the living application of these principles, this cohesive Love, Collective Movement in Trust of Heart and Mind, will bring about the recognition of the Indwelling LOVE and PURITY of the CHRIST VIBRATION, where we all met, within and through the OFFICE OF THE CHRIST.

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