Manifesting Heaven On Earth

"A vehicle to bring unification of Christ Expressions into One Collective Assemblage. Recognizing Planet Earth to be our Heavenly Parent's Church, each Christed Being is a complete Temple, a House of God, a living brick within Church Of The Creator.® "

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Chapter IV

DIVINE -  Dedicated Individuals Viably Interconnecting New Endeavours

Our Parent Creator Source is a Trinitized Expression of ONE, evolving infinite personalities.

In outer expression this is the Spiritual-Physical Family, Mankind’s Divine Lineage, His alignment to the Hierarchical Family Tree, the overcontrol synthesizer of the Divine Blueprint.

Group Consciousness GRIDS are trinitized function and expression, through all planes and dimensions.

On all levels we are never working alone. It is of paramount importance that this awareness conscientiously be with us at all times, individually, collectively, spontaneously and organizationally.

This is the example of DIVINITY, THREE IN ONE. Within and through the Trinitized GRIDS of Consciousness Unification the individual is always asking for the Whole and therefore always receiving for the Whole.
In this estate, there is a continuum issuing for Divine thought forms and pictographic infusion, combinations of probability and possibility, causation relationships in human expression, the next step (s), in manifestation of the Divine Plan. These areas of inspiration in uplifting Humanity’s expression can only be received and activated through the collective energies of Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

The individual attuned to Group Consciousness GRIDS becomes the recipient of Spiritualized human conceptualization, buffered by the supportive energies of the collective.
Once received and anchored, the unilateral conceptualization can be brought into the consciousness of the Whole through Group Attunement. Witness as to timing and filtering in the combined energies of unanimous support through conscious choice, the expression therefore becomes balanced within the Whole, thus establishing the New Order Of All Things.

GRIDS is a tool to manifest the Divine Example through common sense application, now activated and utilizing mankind’s desire to move together as One Consciousness Body.

Mankind over the centuries has had the innate desire to live in a Utopian Society, yet has failed to realize that ideal. The greatest blockage and obstacle has always been in personal release of objects into the impersonal Love of the Christ Vibration, which once embraced helps heal and seal forever those areas of consciousness responsible for selfish motivation and warlike personalities.

Trinitized consciousness automatically activates understanding that all thoughts – all things are merely energies at different vibrational levels, wholly manifesting as they are created, whether objects or words. All however emanate from, return to, and in truth belong to the Godhead.

Group Consciousness GRIDS enfold the understanding of Guardianship, a Divine Responsibility if right-use of the God Essence Energy, whatever the form. This understanding when applied as a Divine Responsibility within and through the Office Of The Christ the instrument to see made manifest Heaven on Earth.

At the point of embracing as truth that all energies and objects belong to Our Parent, the individual becomes cognitive of their Divine Birthright. As a Son or Daughter they are also inheritors of the Whole of our Parent’s abundance.

Each one is directly accountable to the Father for the right-use of the God Essence entrusted to their individual guardianship. How that guardianship is administered has a vast effect upon the Whole.

Once guided and choosing in the highest and best interest of the Whole to transfer guardianship to the collective vehicle, an individual need only to complete the act through the written word of legal title to fulfill the commitment. Then and only then does this become a topic and concern of the collective, through Group Responsibility for right-use.

That action of transfer automatically connects the gift through Divine Right Order,® to a timing and outcome aligned to what is the highest and best for the Whole.

These understandings and principles apply on all levels of human expression, individual, family, group, commerce, governmental, etc. and are the KEY to bringing the material plane into balance of Divine Trinitized Expression.

When exemplified on any level, these principles automatically synchronize and mesh within and through the Office Of The Christ, and the efforts and expressions activated receive the amplification of that ONE Unified Body.

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