Manifesting Heaven On Earth

"A vehicle to bring unification of Christ Expressions into One Collective Assemblage. Recognizing Planet Earth to be our Heavenly Parent's Church, each Christed Being is a complete Temple, a House of God, a living brick within Church Of The Creator.® "

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Chapter V

STRUCTURE   -    Strength Tenacity Resiliency Unending Christ Transformative Unctioned

Redemptive Evolution Perfect STRUCTURE begins and ends in the relationship expressed within and through Trinitized Trinity.

STRUCTURE is relationship that manifests strength greater than the sum of the parts.

STRUCTURE is organization, through which, by mutual agreement, Church Of The Creator® functions as a Whole, within the Whole.

STRUCTURE is the GRID of our fabric as we co-create within the Divine Tapestry.

Church Of The Creator® is a function aligned to reciprocal resonance of the color coding and harmonics within and through the Six Pointed Star Grid, perfect in its Pattern.

Each member becomes a Living Brick, tempered, resilient, within the STRUCTURE, a thread within the cloth, the internal weave.

Each thought, each word, each action, each combination has a direct effect upon the qualitative strength, texture and integrity of the collective co-creation.

We are always in Church. The Church is in US. From the perspective of this plane and dimension, our lives our daily living, are the basic unit of the STRUCTURE.

Once brought into the weave, the Body, the Temple, will show the results of the movement of the parts. As the individual consciousness functions within and through the Office Of The Christ, the STRUCTURE of the Group Consciousness GRIDS strengthen and the Auxiliary Churches gain strength in their part, of seeing made manifest a New Heaven on Earth.

To strengthen the STRUCTURE it must be exercised as a Whole, in attunement with the Group Consciousness GRIDS. This requires conscious effort, tenacity and practice through application of the principles and tools as expressed in GRIDS.

Recognize that each time there is a joining (individual in prayer – Church Service – Board or Committee meeting) that co-creation is in process within the STRUCTURE.

Each gathering has its own unique purpose and function within the resonating vibrational harmonic of the Divine Tapestry. With practice the correct combinations will bring the perfect inner pattern of the weave to outer manifestation. The parts once amalgamated are relative to the Whole, functioning organs, perfect integral parts.

Unification in outer expression of the Redemptive Body Vehicle can only be experienced through participation within the Collective Energy Grids. This experience of unity is not at all what the individual consciousness projects and conceptualizes. In attaining harmonious balance the heart is witness to its purity and truth, for in essence it is Unconditional Love.

Those one, our counterparts, the Seventy-Two (72) Brotherhoods who function within and through the Office Of The Christ stand collectively ready to support us, Church Of The Creator,® as a GROUP and through use of the Group Consciousness GRIDS now established, their Light and Wisdom, through our choice, can be amplified in the QUICKENING AND INFUSING OF THE HIGHER TRUTHS FOR THOSE READY TO RECEIVE THEIR DIVINE INHERITANCE!

Make no mistake in understanding, our counterparts are dependent upon and limited by the free-will choice of those ones who said they would remember the COVENANT and move into COHESIVE ORGANIZED GROUP EFFORT.

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