Manifesting Heaven On Earth

"A vehicle to bring unification of Christ Expressions into One Collective Assemblage. Recognizing Planet Earth to be our Heavenly Parent's Church, each Christed Being is a complete Temple, a House of God, a living brick within Church Of The Creator.® "      

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Christmas 2016 - Year End - New Beginnings 2017

Open the Heart - Focus - Amplify Change Through Unconditional Love!

Beloved Family – All Children of God sharing life and living on Planet Earth.

Encouragement to each and every human being to consciously close out the year 2016, roll up the scroll and hand it back to our Heavenly Parent. Let go, let God, forgive ourselves, forgive others, within all experiences of the past. Find the quiet place within the Heart, ask for Divine Guidance, the possibilities, probabilities of 2017 be revealed to you within the fifth year of the Divine Program, “Adonai Tsebayoth” as we enter into 2017. Ask for inspiration, Guidance, strength, wisdom, listen with your heart!

Our Beloved Brother Jesus was Commissioned to activate a new phase within the Divine Plan, initiating the "Son Program" upon the Planet over 2000 thousand years ago.

As we Celebrate the Birth of Christ, Christ-mass, recognize, re-member, not everything he lived was accepted during his time upon the planet. The Infusion of Light, Truth, he delivered surfaced so many patterns of injustice, that his public ministry came to an abrupt, painful and dramatic completion. Humanity, in particular those opposed to change, were unwilling to let go, accept the example he lived, accept the change.

Christ Jesus, with his chosen supporting cast of characters, seeded in consciousness, lived the Divine Blueprint held within the Holy Trinity, Father/Mother, Son/Daughter, Sister/Brother, Mates, the Divine Family. Most notable was his treatment, respect, acknowledgement of women, their balancing energy of the heart, co-creative equals. He established the Women's Apostolic Core. Historical records modified the women's co-equal participation to subordinate positions or were entirely deleted. Only now is Feminine Co-Creative Balance being re-discovered, re-integrated, re-instated in all aspects of Human expression.

Jesus and his small band of male and female disciples lived as a Spiritual/physical family the Principles & Practices, the example lived and preached.

As we celebrate His birth, life, re-member, Our Beloved Christ Jesus, the Heavenly Hierarchies, the Creator, are all subject to our free-will choice. Those not present in this plane and dimension, not human beings, are depending upon US to unify, live the words, walk the talk, do what we said we would do before entering this realm of human expression, make the space, be the change, necessary preparation for His return.

Every Member of the Christ Body has a Divine Commission, it resonates within their heart, becomes a passion that they cannot be set aside, unless of course it becomes to difficult, to painful and they abort, choose to let it go, step back, and do something else.

Near the end of his Public Ministry, even Christ Jesus had to review, re-assess in the NOW, Next Steps to be taken, Co-ordinates within the Divine Plan.

"Going again the second time, he prayed and he said, "My Father, if this cup cannot pass unless I drink it, your will be done." Matthew 26:42

How are we doing?

December 21, 2012 – a huge demarcation in Evolutionary History, the Divine Plan Unfolding, similar in Co-ordinates, significance, like Moses receiving the 10 Commandments within the Old Testament, The Father Program, or the Birth of Jesus in the New Testament, The Son Program. 12-21-2012, 12-12-12, marking the birth of a New Age, “Program Adonai Tsebayoth,” Shekinah Program, Program of the Divine Mother, The Holy Spirit.

Using Kabbalah as the analogy, December 21, 2016 completes four 12 month cycles, movement from Heaven to Earth, through “Worlds of Creation,” within the symbology of the "Tree Of Life."

Kabbalah explains that these four worlds/stages may be understood as:

1) The initial flash of inspiration (concept)

2) The broadening of the concept (developing the concept in detail)

3) Emotional involvement and the drawing of actual plans

4) Practicalities (building) Quote from: The Four Worlds, By Nissan Dovid Dubov ©

12-21-16 is a Divine Plan co-ordinate, embarking co-ordinance, beginning of the fifth year, the Divine Plan Manifesting within the Fourth World of Creation, symbolic of this plane and dimension. It is within the fourth World that we are now building Heaven on Earth, utilizing new frequencies of Divine Light, Cosmic Christ Consciousness, Collectively, Co-ordinated here on Earth. Our individual focus, Collective Service is more important than ever before.

Transfiguration Ongoing - We must make the shift from "me" to "WE," let go of old patterns, ask to be the instruments, enhance the new symphony of Love, Light and Peace.

ONE Heart - ONE Mind - We are walking through the threshold into the next evolution of mankind through the Trinitized Function of the Order, Brotherhood, and Priesthood of Melchizedek. As the fourth chamber of the heart is activated within the Cosmic Clock, the clarion call is activating the seed crystal within our hearts and minds. From the Light Rays of the Trinitized Trinity, we are connecting to the Holy Harmonic of the Sacred Sounds, the Whole of Creation is becoming ONE chord, resonating the Living Light, Language of Life. As we "...Join Harmoniously In Oneness, Knowing That There Is Only ONE Creator Source...," the veils are being lifted, the many are becoming ONE, "... The Family Unification Of Mankind...Bringing Forth By Example To This Planet Earth - Love, Light and Peace! "

Hanukkah the Festival of Lights, Season of Miracles, is active, part of the  2016-2017 cycle. The Heavens are open wide Infusing Divine Transformative energy of Love, Light, Peace and Miracles.

Assist Manifestation of Heaven on Earth !

Be prepared to receive, participate, within the Descending/Ascending Programs of The Office of the Christ, Divine Plan…strengthening, coordinating with others, conscious participation within the Whole. Before 2017 is over, everyone will be changed. The Priesthood of Melchizedek has completed the preparation for the return of the Heavenly Hierarchies.

Every human being can ask in prayer for revelation, guidance, understanding, relative their individual part, current coordinates, within the Divine Plan.

Prayer is  conscious Collective participation, recognizing there is a Creator, an avenue of communication, to receive support and inspiration. Recognizing each human's Divinity, unique part, soul mission, learning experience, in this lifetime without judgment, Beholding their perfection, is another gift we can each give.  We ALL co-create, how we use our free will choice, is at the root of what is going on. Where we focus our consciousness, as co-creators on this planet manifest substantial amounts of  chaos, just look at the news. The Creator allows all of it, because we did it.  "Divine Order," an "effect" that every human being is subject to.

Participation, prayer focused on “what I or others need, how I might like things to be different,” may bring change, benefit to ourselves, others, seeking help from God, but the focus is within "me" what "I" need from Creator.

Consciously attuning individually, praying through the heart, for "who we are and who we represent," without any individual request or expectation, is an entirely different frequency of prayer. The focus of our individual prayer becomes Collective Service Aligned to Divine Will, focused on maximizing results through joining our individual God Essence with the energies, vibrations, frequencies of Divine Patterns of Light. "We" have individually the ability, choice to consciously synchronize, participate within Alignment, unified in effort, timing, with the Heavenly Hierarchies, those responsible for stewarding evolution.

Prayer through the heart as an Agent of the Holy Spirit moves our thought-forms to a vibration “above the weave and tapestry” adding our part within the frequencies, “Light GRID” transfiguring the consciousness, manifesting Heaven on Earth. Our choice, through focused prayer, within the Divine Blueprint becomes "causal participation," unfolding, advancing Humanity's Collective Co-ordinance within The Divine Plan. It is prayer focused within the RIGHT - Redemptive Infusion God's Higher Truths - when asking for adjustment through the Decree, Divine Right Order.®

How often do we focus our Prayer on God's needs within the Divine Plan?  "Thy will be done" without the I need list.

Encouragement is offered to increase the frequency of prayer through the heart focused on God's needs. Encouragement to individually ask for revelation, "...what are our Collective Co-ordinates, where are WE, what are the next steps requiring Collective effort."

Our individual choices, focus, use of our God Essence within co-creation either helps or delays the Divine Plan.   A Divine Law, a fact, addressed within Revelations 3:15-16

"I know your works; you are neither cold nor hot; because it is necessary that you be either cold or hot, And you are lukewarm and neither cold nor hot, I am going to vomit you from my mouth." and Matthew 12:30 "Whoever is not with me is against me; whoever does not gather with me truly is scattering."

Utilize the gift of free-will. "Join in Principle and Witenss" Anchor within man's law our Covenant and Pact, with the Creator and each other.

"In that we recognize this Whole Planet Earth to be the Father's Church and that each Christed Being is in themselves a complete Temple, a Home, a Tabernacle made unto the likeness of The Creator, a House of God, so therefore in coming together to move in like-mind each representative then becomes an individual living brick, a stone, in Church Of The Creator.® Each one adds their part by expanding and living through the Redemptive Body of the Christ Son, and progresses daily in the bringing forth into outer manifestation the Spiritual Gifts of Shekinah, Sacred Sciences, through the Feminine Principle and Priesthood. This is the Daughter's offering in Regenesis to the Whole, through service and within the Divine Blueprint of the Father's Plan, the Descending/Ascending Vehicle of Mankind - the Family." Ecclesia Magna Charta, Article V - Structure and Plan.

Are we consciously "Aligned" within our Collective Service to God in every thought, word and deed within a 24/7 unceasing Prayer?

In our part, having asked the same questions, this is the outcome, communication to the Body of the Church. (.."all thinking-thought Beings in form")

None of us can do individually, what we can do collectively when physically joined and Aligned with our Heavenly Counterparts. Are we going to keep the agreement made before coming to this planet?

In Oneness of service,

Revs. Drs. Angela Magdalene URI & James Germain URI

Ministerial Unit,  Atlanta Georgia, December 5, 2016

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