Manifesting Heaven On Earth

"A vehicle to bring unification of Christ Expressions into One Collective Assemblage. Recognizing Planet Earth to be our Heavenly Parent's Church, each Christed Being is a complete Temple, a House of God, a living brick within Church Of The Creator.® "      

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Creator Daughter's Aeon

 Parables In Prose, "Creator Daughter's Aeon,"  by Rev Dr. Grace Marama URI, © 1977


Returning the rib, retribution complete

The Sisterhood Manifest Now !


No Resurrection this Easter Morn,

A New Birth here on Earth,

A New Member Born

The Office of The Christ


Her Soul Intention

Is to balance Humanities

"Bone of Contention"


Sanctified Marriage of Heart and Mind

No one in front, no one behind

Side by side, They're a Unit, Moving as One,


Daughter of Radiance, Beloved Light Son

In Mated Commission, This Earth to Protect

Divine Unification, Michael's Elect


This Earthly sojourn is fully Decreed

By Father and Mother

Her Gifts to Seed


Her Destiny Charted, “Star Gate Pleiades Above”

Calling forth Divine Right Order®

Faith, Hope, Charity and Love


Feminine Principle, Balance and Square

Her Being The Chalice,

Inner Sanctum Laid Bare,


For All to See, In Consciousness Raising

“I” That looks inward,

Glorify, Praising


Time clock has turned

Her opportunities here

To stand and be counted

By those She's held Dear


Behold Her, Support Her,

For She is your Heart,


Her Divine Essence, Energy,

Lifestream and part

Manifest daily for those who observe,

Tolerance, Compassion,

Fine tempered nerve


Her strength is Her gentleness,

Fortifying through Birth

Indwelling Spirit will bring

Peace to this Earth


And in the knowing IT

IT then is done

Humanity in Godhood

Can live as ONE


For Her part in this programme

She's well rehearsed

Through Karmic Experience is very well versed


All that She asks now she's earned the right

To stand by her Brother,

And fight the Good fight


No sword or sabre or arrow has She

But steadfast Compassion

Through Infinite Mercy


Her Name?

She has many, but you know her function

Borne of Creator Mother Spirit

This World' sustaining Unction


Degree Thirty Three, broken pillar restored

Masonic recognition by Council and Board


The Crucifixion released, extraction of nails

Blindfold removed

Fulcrum level and scales


Her Contributing Factor is so designed

Behold "All things in Love"

Mirror the Mind


As Her Gifts pour through us daily

Rest assured by Faith intact

For Balance is Her blueprint

To Her Christed Brother is “The Pact”


They enfold this Planet always

In its growth and pain travail

“Due” This Sisterhood its Victory


Her Expression

Of Our Mother's Love

We Hail


Parable In Prose, "Creator Daughter's Aeon,"  by Rev Dr. Grace Marama URI, © 1977

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