Manifesting Heaven On Earth

"A vehicle to bring unification of Christ Expressions into One Collective Assemblage. Recognizing Planet Earth to be our Heavenly Parent's Church, each Christed Being is a complete Temple, a House of God, a living brick within Church Of The Creator.® "      

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URIAngelaMagdalene 3M Healing222 BorderA Wholistic practice that activates the body's subtle energy systems to remove blockages. A stimulation of the body's inherent ability to heal itself. 

Rev. Dr. Angela Magdalene URI, Founder 3M Healing™  - The practioner accelerates, as a catalyst, the energy flow of the recipient/client. Improving energy flow enables relaxation, reduces pain, and reduces other symptoms of discord, disharmony and dis-ease. The combined energy of Multi-Dimensional support raises the vibration frequency, energy fields around the physical body. Negative thoughts, emotions, feelings, blockages break apart and fall away. All systems, sub-atomic, atoms, molecules, cells and tissues are cleansed in the unconditional love of the Holy Spirit, Divine Universal Life Force.  Healing is accelerated, part of the evolution of mankind, healing through the Holy Spirit.


"You Can Change" - It is a matter of choice, the message of Groundhog Day - The film conveys the frustration of repetitive meaningless cycles. Perhaps it is memorable because it speaks Truth to our soul.

Within the patterns of life we may find purpose or frustration, it is a choice. In this satire, a man who becomes stuck in a loop, the same day repeats itself over and over.

Each morning, Phil awakens, it’s Groundhog Day, and no matter what he does, he cannot progress to the following day.

At first, he sees a chance to do whatever he pleases. Phil becomes disillusioned with his repetitive life and attempts to end it all. Within Phil’s exhaustion, hopelessness, he begins to contemplate his place and purpose in the loop.

He realizes he can exit repetitious cycles through making himself and the world a better place.

He learns to speak French, play the piano, and after witnessing the death of a homeless man, creates a plan to avert this and other disasters from happening. It is only then that the cycle is broken - Transfigured !

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Service Cost:  $150 for 30 Minute 3M Healing™ Session

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