Manifesting Heaven On Earth

"A vehicle to bring unification of Christ Expressions into One Collective Assemblage. Recognizing Planet Earth to be our Heavenly Parent's Church, each Christed Being is a complete Temple, a House of God, a living brick within Church Of The Creator.® "      

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Questions and answers posted to the FAQ page are edited for purposes of focusing on content and not individual personalities sending or receiving.

Evaluation for posting and answers of all questions submitted, are under the supervision of COTC National Council, modified, responded to and a few are posted to the FAQ pages to assist others. 


What are COTC Membership requirements? 

Membership is inclusive, not exclusive.

There are many levels of participation within COTC. At the basic level, the foundation, the Church recognizes Membership to be composed of "...all Thinking Thought Beings In Form."1

 COTC believes Membership is self-evident, a God Given right, a foregone conclusion, knowing that the Creator made us all members, of one body. So within COTC, Church Membership is a self-recognition, a claim, left to the conscious choice of the individual. To recognize oneself as a member of Church Of The Creator® requires no further action by COTC.

Anyone who resonates with the principle statements, the Mission Statement, Sacred Mandate, may "...join in principle and witness..." through the action of signing the document. That action is a claim activating their individual Membership within the Church, a contract, a Covenant and Pact with other Members of the Church and God. That self-recognition, in thought, word, and deed anchors in this plane & dimension, through free-will choice, COTC Membership. You may download the Sacred Mandate read it, claim it, sign it, recognize and anchor your Membership within Church Of The Creator.® You may also write to COTC, and request a 8 1/2" x 12" parchment certificate of the Sacred Mandate for your use and record that you have claimed your COTC Membership. 


What are the specific goals of the organization?

The Sacred Mandate contains the answer to that question. "...The Family Unification Of Mankind..." That is the goal, nothing more or less.


How do you go about reaching your goals?

It starts by releasing my goal to our goal. Recognizing that God has an ongoing Divine Plan. For individuals, encourage they go to the top, directly to the Creator, to God. Ask the same question but frame it from the perspective of we. How do we make my life the best it can possibly be? That question asked often enough by individuals will bring about the goals of COTC. The same principle operates throughout the organization.

For individual members asking, we know that God already is working in their lives, encouraging and directing them. If they ask, they will receive.

For Associate Ministers of the Church, in their individual ministries, they are already, daily practicing these principles. For those responsible, speaking for COTC, we work in collective prayer aligned to the Sacred Mandate. The affirmation of Divine Right Order® filters and purifies the work.

The rest of it, publishing, services, hands on healing, counseling, classes, etc., appear very much like other organizations. Charging fees for services, asking for contributions, answering your questions, the daily business of operating an organization goes on, but with an ever present request that the expressions be directed and infused by the Holy Spirit. Specific programs have specific funding needs and programs to generate those funds. Monetary contributions are needed, appreciated and accepted.

Everyone counts. Each of us can and do make a difference. 


What benefits would this organization have for the average person like me?

Only you can truly answer that question. Many who have come into contact with this organization have answered by sharing life changing experiences that are still unfolding. It starts within each person. The benefit is a direct function of your understanding and relationship with God. Just recognizing that you are already spiritually equal, created that way, already redeemed and able to participate in everlasting life, loved as a unique and special person by the Creator of Heaven and Earth can be of benefit to anyone who does not already know this as fact. Our planet has been under the influence of confusion, false teaching, false prophets, and much misconception. We know that anyone asking, anyone truly believing in their heart and mind, anyone seeking answers to the big questions can find the answers within themselves, within their origins directly linked to God.

Others share with us that they have worked their way through many misconceptions unique to their family and living experience. The benefit for them is finding an organization that recognizes and witness truths that they have found to ring true within their hearts, through independent experience. They already understand the principles, and benefit by being able to claim their preexisting membership. Finding members of ones family, previously unknown, seems to bring benefit.

Many finding this organization have for all their life been looking for a place to practice their love, their understanding. The inclusive nature of COTC gives them outlet for their own special understanding and God inspired inspiration, they share this as benefit, as being released from bonds of restriction.

Others find benefit in knowing that their effort as individuals can be amplified by focusing and joining with others of like mind. It is like the benefit to one strand in a rope. As individuals, we are limited by our own strength and resources. As amalgamated interlinked servers of God, we have the strength of the Whole, all the strands, all those seen and unseen who are working for the same unified purpose. Our individual effort is not wasted or broken. Being able to focus and direct service to others knowing it counts for the greatest possible good, has as a side effect of fulfillment to those giving of themselves. Only you can answer your question for you. 


Who is Christ Michael and how is he related to Jesus?

Christ Michael is another expression of the Lifestream of Jesus. Jesus as a human being was the example of the Lifestream expression. In the realms of Arch Angels, Michael is the expression. Your right hand finger expresses through the right hand, the right arm, your body. Jesus was the visible human expression of our Heavenly Father, Michael is another expression, with a greater jurisdiction. Your finger does not operate outside the body as an independent separate entity. Your finger has its own part. If cut off, it would be gone.

The rest of the body would miss it. Your finger if able to think independently, have its own consciousness, might be tricked into thinking it was an individual, however we know better because for most of the time we operate from the consciousness of the whole body. Jesus in his ministry consciously chose to act for the whole of humanity. What he did automatically counted for everyone. Jesus never worked alone, hence Elijah and Moses witnessed at the Mount of Transfiguration. Christ Michael is the direct lineage flowing through Jesus Christ. Jesus at one end of the line, "human being." Along the way Michael, Arch Angel. Both issue forth as descending orders of creation from the Godhead. Jesus, the experiential bestowal mission of Michael.

Important in all of this is recognition that each of us operates in similar ways, although our origins could well be from different orders of creation. The point is each of us count. The more we can attain and maintain our consciousness from the perspective of the greater Creation, the more our work can be to the benefit of others, as demonstrated by Jesus. He is the example, and told us we could do the same. Your part counts. 


What was Moses's role?

The Divine Plan might be studied as a play. Divisions in the Bible are good for the purposes of study and reference. Moses had/has a major part. He conveyed a message following a tradition that made major transitions during his time in the unfolding drama. One summary of his message: One God, Our Heavenly Father, Who Loves you and who delivered to you the laws to follow to reach understanding and the promised land.

Enter Jesus. 


Would we be considered Christian, if we join the Church that is?

COTC considers itself Christian, and its members to be Christians. We find however, many who consider themselves to be Christians doing things we would not choose to do. At the same time we see and experience many human beings, of various faiths or denying even the existence of God, practicing the principles taught by Jesus Christ, that do not consider themselves as Christians.

We claim Jesus Christ as our Lord Redeemer.

Intellectual answers and arguments relative to this question depends entirely upon who is answering. In our understanding you are already a member of the Church, if you claim yourself as a member. Redemption and everlasting life is available to everyone. We do not place ourselves in the judgment seat. 


I am a Pagan who believes in One creator that manifests as both a male AND female principle, neither greater than the other. This balance makes more sense to me than the "Father God" concept found in Christianity. I am a loving, peaceful, spiritual, magical person; I am a Witch. I believe that we are all different, thus we all have different paths to the Source and one path cannot be judged as "better" than another. Are there others like me in your organization or is interfaith only all those with at least the basic Christian faith?

Using the dictionary, "Pagan: - ..polytheistic religion.." ; "Polytheism:...the doctrine of or belief in more than one god or in many gods." then reading your statement "Pagan who believes in One Creator.." might indicate that we cannot answer your question.

However, the fact that you believe in "One creator" confirms that on some level your belief and the root source of this organizations beliefs are identical. From COTC Sacred Mandate, "...Knowing That There Is Only One Creator Source.." confirms your statement in belief.

You must sort out, does this disqualify you from being a Pagan? COTC does not have a list of who cannot belong. Within the FAQ's we would refer you to comments responding to "..membership requirements" and "...would we be considered Christian..." questions.

Within the opening statement of COTC Ecclesia Magna Charta, Consecration: "We recognize this whole planet Earth, to be a living monument in the Glory of the Father, dedicated by Michael, the Bestowal Christ Son Jesus, to the Divine Mother Essence, the Holy Spirit, by Whose Holy Breath it is sustained"

The "basic Christian faith" to which COTC is aligned does not isolate the concept of "Father God." Our Heavenly Parent Creator is our Father, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Brother, Son, in truth the mates of our Being. All having their parts, all making up our family, Spiritual and physical. There is masculine and feminine principle within all of us. Without the Mother, there is no Father. Without the Father, there is no Mother, as well as no Children. Within the One there is All.

There are many "loving, peaceful, spiritual, magical person(s)" within our organization, some claim to be members, some would deny their membership, its up to them and you. "Witch" is not a word we would use to define you or anyone else who is loving, and peaceful.

Most likely Jesus Christ was described, accused, of being a Witch/Warlock, an instrument of evil, a cult leader. Then and now, "witch," and "cult," are words that can evoke hate. They can be part of hysteria used to control. Jesus and others pure in example, are often mirrors for those who persecute his vibration of love. The accusers are seeing themselves. If you are a "Witch", white/or otherwise, that practices what he taught, then perhaps you are a double agent, sent to change those who proclaim and practice activity what we all know to be other than love. Labels mean different things to different people. Your actions; thoughts, words and deeds count.


If you find the idea expressed within the Sacred Mandate: "Bringing Forth By Example To This Planet Earth Love, Light and Peace" to ring true to your heart, then "Once Decreeing Divine Right Order®, In All Thoughts - All Things, Our Universe Automatically Aligns Into Manifestation of Heaven On Earth." will in Divine Timing answer any of your questions. Truth will become self evident to you and those around you.

God Bless You. 


1. Articles Of Faith & Constitution, © 1977 TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation - Family Of URI, Inc., ARTICLE VII- BODY

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