Manifesting Heaven On Earth

"A vehicle to bring unification of Christ Expressions into One Collective Assemblage. Recognizing Planet Earth to be our Heavenly Parent's Church, each Christed Being is a complete Temple, a House of God, a living brick within Church Of The Creator.® "      

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 GRIDS Accord Seminar™

 "CONSCIOUSNESS GRIDS....the network of Light Energy created and maintained, facilitated by specific consciousness focus;

these grids are functional co-creative energies for the manifestation of Divine Truth on Earth, unifying the inner wisdom planes with this plane of reality."  Quote from Glossary Of Terms, GRIDS Of Consciousness Unification,  ©  1984 TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation - Family Of URI, Inc.

Concise methods, tools for Divinely Inspired conscious service as a unified body. The concepts published come to life through GRIDS Accord Seminar.™ Participants will experience Alignments, multi-dimensional connections with our Heavenly Counterparts that Amplify the Focus, Efforts, Results of embodied participants.

These are new configurations of unified function, unique according to participants from prior experience of "group work".

Generally when working in a group, individuals calling the meeting have intent to move their own agenda forward. In practicing the techniques of GRIDS Accord Seminar,™ each participant agrees to set aside all preconceived ideas to seek collective guidance through Alignments to Divine Will. The intent is to move forward the Agenda of our Heavenly Parent, Heavenly Counterparts, what is most important within and through Office Of The Christ.

Interference patternings that hinder our day to day ability to live our heart's desire can be buffered through the unity of those participating in all dimensions. Accord and agreement can be experienced, what actions to take, next steps, become self-evident.

Participants will experience group function as a collective union of like heart and mind. Each individual knowing, that guidance received and actions taken are adjusted through Decree of Divine Right Order.®

Participation yields a profound harmonious experience.Moving from the old example of majority rule to the new example of unanimous accord, so beautifully demonstrated on all levels of the Church.

This Living exemplification is an evolutionary expression of LIFE, for the Collective Human Tapestry, Universal Family - in Alignment with the Greater Picture, Divine Plan, thus...Heaven on Earth made Manifest!

Experiential Demonstration of GROUP  -   God Represents Our Unified Parts


GRIDS Accord Seminars™ are tailored in length, from half day to multiple day events. Contact COTC

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